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Kazama yumieno POP UP SHOP "SALON_Y" is OPEN!


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Kazama yumieno POP UP SHOP "SALON_Y" is OPEN!

We preside over Kazama yumiega
We suggest lifestyle centering on phytotherapie
Online salon "SALON_Y" starts in July.
In this good timing when online salon started
"SALON_Y" appears in Shibuya PARCO "POP BY JUN" for a limited time as “ offline salon!
Limited items to be able to buy only here including original clothes form a line
It becomes special space that can feel her view of the world.

Kazama yumieno POP UP SHOP "SALON_Y" is OPEN!

Kazama yumie
We play an active part in women's magazine as popular stylist having many serialization. For view of the world to tickle woman's feelings, we get support from women of wide layer commencing with actress and model.
For unique sense to produce overall lifestyle of woman, we act as advisers of many brands as Director fashion without being seized with limit of fashion and notice importance to take care of body in such a busy life and begin to learn various nature cures. We convey method to live with nature with various knowledge and experiences that we learned by self-education as ruboafitoterapisukuru authorization lecturer now.




Origin of POP "of POP BY JUN is person from) + at Place (place) + opportunity. In minimal space superior in versatility such as "clear file", it is password of Jun group
We develop different attractive contents in short term through filter called "YOU ARECULTURE." every time.


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