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It is OPEN in popup store in Tokyo becoming first among brand! Shibuya PARCO
We announce limited collection!

Popup store of MURRAL 2020 fall /winter collection which featured the theme of ORDINARY opens in Shibuya PARCO.

Mainly on lace item which is icon of MURRAL, limited kolor only for popup store and MURRAL online store comes up, too.

Furthermore, limited collection prepares to this event, too. It releases set up of shirt and pants to be able to dress well in on-time or knit of limited kolor with a limitation of amount. We plan lineup after the precedent release in MURRAL online store of Friday, October 16 in popup store. In addition, as for the special novelty plan available to buyer. For details, you can confirm from MURRAL official Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/murralofficial/).

MURRAL POP UP STOREframed flower top/beige/\ 32,000+tax. Astringent juice ⾕PARCO POP UP STORE *exclusive color MURRAL POP UP STOREframed flower bow top/beige/\ 29,000+tax. /astringent juice ⾕PARCO POP UP STORE *exclusive color MURRAL POP UP STOREframed flower blouse/beige/\ 37,000+tax. /astringent juice ⾕PARCO POP UP STORE *exclusive color MURRAL POP UP STOREframed flower dress/beige/\ 49,000+tax.

framed flower lace series that is popular in MURRAL online store. We offered astringent juice ⾕PARCO POP UP STORE-limited kolor in addition to kolor of normal line which became sold out. Beige reflecting the image of autumn deepening. It is comment ⾊ development with type 3.

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Shibuya PARCO

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