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Da-iCE CaFE & DiNER holding!

6F TOKYO PARADE goods & cafe

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Da-iCE CaFE & DiNER holding!

In collaboration cafe "TOKYO PARADE goods&cafe", we will carry out collaboration cafe with group of 5 dance & vocal group "Da-iCE" presenting energizing with Arena tour at 7 bases than countdown live, 2021.1.16 Saturday of the whole country near at hand in 2020.12.31 in Tokyo gymnasium during period on - 2021.2.1 Monday on 2020.12.4 Saturday.


Full-scale menu including original drink stimulating "a feeling of 5" of "sight, hearing, the sense of touch, sense of smell, taste" that got idea to a lot of foods dessert which made an elaborate plans which each member supervised from the latest single is appearance. We offer Special Menu for a limited time during exhibition period.

You broadcast music, picture during LIVE performance in shop and stimulate "feeling of 5" all and can sense charm of Da-iCE bodily.

We will sell cafe original goods and Dai-CE-related goods in added goods shop. Please take goods which are available only here in hand.

The details are this


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Business hours ※Some stores vary in business hours.

Product sales
It is 11:00-20:00 ... for the time being on 1/8 Friday ※Normal 10:00-21:00
Eating and drinking
It is 11:30-20:00 ... for the time being on 1/8 Friday ※Normal 11:00-23:30

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