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[L'or barn shop & gallery] Otl Aicher Munich '72 Exhibition


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[L'or barn shop & gallery] Otl Aicher Munich '72 Exhibition

Shop-in-shop "L'or barn shop & gallery" to add to DELFONICS Shibuya. With window in shop, we send Small exhibition that took up various culture that DELFONICS chooses every month in rotation.

During period of from Tuesday, January 28 to Tuesday, February 25, we display "Otl Aicher Munich '72 Exhibition". Graphic designer, typographer (style of handwriting designer) that Otl Aicher (otoru aihya) represents Germany. We are in charge of design total conduct of the Munich Olympics held in 1972 and are known as pioneer of visual communication design. In this gallery, we display a part of the handiwork of the Munich Olympics that aihya dealt with. In addition, in special contents of "Rollbahn EXPO", we send column which linked display in L'or barn shop & gallery. It archives with display contents as small article. Please enjoy in addition.


"Rollbahn +" https://rollbahn.jp/gallery/006/

Otl Aicher Munich '72 Exhibition

Venue: L'or barn shop & gallery (DELFONICS Shibuya)

Inquiry: DELFONICS Shibuya (03-6809-0721

The date: From Tuesday, January 28, 2020 to Tuesday, February 25

Business hours: 10:00-21:00 ※The last day until 19:00

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