"Kanzaki IORI exhibition" holding

3.5D (13-17, Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo rise building)

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"Kanzaki IORI exhibition" holding

As for "the life, comedy" holds "Kanzaki IORI exhibition" in commemoration of the release of bundled special box new generation bokaro P Kanzaki IORI, first full-length novel "beast" and EP.

In venue of okusorakeita which dealt with package design of "comedy as for the life" draw, and visuals are displayed, and own YouTube reproduction number of times records 1,400 mankaietsu eo, and it is contents which view of the world of Kanzaki IORI which cannot usually touch directly including sale of goods which topic and typography of "being avoided by life" that it was were put for for one of masterpiece of "which" song of saw and resale only for CD of 1st Album "blank paper" which is released last year, and was sold out hurriedly can thoroughly enjoy.


In addition, we will present Kanzaki IORI logo sticker to person who had you arrive with a limitation of amount. During period, we plan sale of additional product. Twitter of 3.5D without passing over!

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