Exhibition "Akco and Itoi."

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Exhibition "Akco and Itoi."

We display work of ten Aristrist which Shigesatou Itoi writes words, and describe in the image of song which Akiko Yano composed, and were made.

Participation artist is ten people of Fukaya Kaoru, Mutsumi Kagoshima, Higuchi Yuko, Wada rajio, Taiyo Matsumoto, Mariko Mikuni, Toshiyuki Fukuda who does Nakashima, and does not dry, Bonami, Masuda Sebastian.

Exhibition "Akco and Itoi."

In opening opening night, 100 seats-limited Akiko Yano mini-live and talk corner of Itoi Juri are held, too. (the end of the ticket release)

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