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ukiukikakikaki ♪ rakugakindamu CAFE

6F TOKYO PARADE goods & cafe

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ukiukikakikaki ♪ rakugakindamu CAFE

It "is crashed movie Crayon Shinchan the most new work becoming exhibition on series the 28th work Friday, April 24! In commemoration of rakugakingudamu and exhibition of about four brave men, collaboration cafe "ukiukikakikaki ♪ rakugakingudamu CAFE" comes up in Shibuya PARCO 6F TOKYO PARADE. Yoko Kuno dealing with drawing of movie poster is in charge of main visual.

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ukiukikakikaki ♪ rakugakindamu CAFECrayon Shinchan curry 1,390 yen ukiukikakikaki ♪ rakugakindamu CAFEburiburizaemon curry 1,390 yen

Cafe menu is offer by cute lineup full of views of the world of "comfortable kid" who draws, and is theme of movie using illustration of original.

ukiukikakikaki ♪ rakugakindamu CAFEAcrylic key ring for each 500 yen

In shop to add to cafe, we will sell cafe original goods to be able to buy only here. Item and Crayon Shinchan goods using original art are substantial.

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