Documentary "Yayoi Kusama ∞ INFINITY"


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Documentary "Yayoi Kusama ∞ INFINITY"

Yayoi Kusama who is known as one of the world-famous artists. Picture and sculpture, installation, performance art, poetry and literature……We leave bright achievement in various fields and we still give all to fictionization now and live. Heather lenses supervision that was fascinated with work of such Yayoi Kusama. Influence that we gave to art world of Kusama who did fictionization with New York notices what is overlooked and produces documentary "Yayoi Kusama ∞ INFINITY" from the 1950s through the early 70s saying "we thought that we want you to share complicated story (the life) and art (talent) of Yayoi Kusama".

Fictionization with consecutive New York of challenge, suffering and difficulty that crossed passion to -- art alone to the United States for period for childhood when we were not understood how Yayoi Kusama became depicter of the progress one and only as for this movie to way of art, the distance before work being detected, encounter and parting with important people, illness called obsessive-compulsive neurosis……It approaches the life of artist who spent the transcendence life as I run out with a word of eventfulness. 77 minutes of shock to be comprised by voice of person concerned with art to talk about record of fictionization to cross in addition to interview of Yayoi Kusama in 70, talent of Yayoi Kusama! Heart is got in the unknown life of Yayoi Kusama!



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Yayoi Kusama ∞ INFINITY

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