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  • Mai Tsujimoto X VIA BUS STOP/styling/ | We wear beauty of natural posture to snuggle up to the present feeling.

Mai Tsujimoto X VIA BUS STOP/styling/ | We wear beauty of natural posture to snuggle up to the present feeling.

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Mai Tsujimoto X VIA BUS STOP/styling/ | We wear beauty of natural posture to snuggle up to the present feeling.

Beauty and fashion, lifestyle attract attention, and Mai Tsujimoto playing an active part as model surpasses 300,000 followers in Instagram. Such she is a mother of 2 children. Tsujimoto enjoying childcare naturally laughs lightly saying it is saying, "in fact, I am the limit noisily every day". Existence of fashion and beauty that we change feeling as mom during busy days and enliven. That she brings herself now?

Teruo Horikoshi
Maki Kakimoto

We can indulge in pleasure of fashion slowly and carefully
We are famed for delusion to autumn in space

While 2020AW stares at core value of brand, reinterpretation, styling like "VIA BUS STOP." Pop select forms a line in Shibuya PARCO shop which assumed "we show stock" concept in Shibuya dakarakosono catchy. In this special space where pillar of gold became point, special special dish should be found. "JW Anderson unfolds "MARNI" newly from 20AW in Shibuya PARCO shop, too". We cannot miss "Courrèges after starting the handling newly at all stores, too".

(the right) MARNI PORTER 40,700 yen (tax in) (the left) JIL SANDER HOLSTER SHOULDER BAG SM 217,800 yen (tax in)
(the right) (from the depths) JIL SANDER TANGLE SM 85,800 yen, JIL SANDER TANGLE SM 102,300 yen, JIL SANDER TANGLE SM 107,800 yen (all tax in)

We handle main Collection "JIL SANDER" and "JIL SANDER+" and start

Shirt dress only by "JIL SANDER" that femininity fused when minimal. In minitanguru of existence that is there Aiko Nic accent. In impression that standard popular ring shoes are new material Bamboo, and is fresh. "Beautiful silhouette which it is simple shirt dress, but realizes that we wear some other time. Tsujimoto, soft curve silhouette and Bucks Ritt are very feminine. Idea that it seems to be her that it is simple, and dress well with a no jewelry.

JIL SANDER shirt dress 129,800 yen, JIL SANDER TANGLE SM 102,300 yen, shoes 96,800 yen (all tax in) with JIL SANDER ring

He/she strongly raises styling
Refined petty people are fulfilling

Series, size including popular TANGLE SM standard as for the bag of JIL SANDER, kolor-rich selection. Tsujimoto that "accessory seems to be important as styling is simple recently, and there is feeling that has been trimmed", and try-on does not stop in spite of being story at accessory corner of shop entrance. Flat sandals of leather are JIL SANDER+. There is a feeling of relaxation for newline even more, and functionality, utility is focused on, too. While sunglasses of "MR.BOHO" from Spain are high quality, price range which is easy to arrive of the hand is attractive.

MR.BOHO\20,900 (tax in)

Enjoying fashion while doing child care
"Catching even limit freely"

Tsujimoto who is mom of two small children. In fashion that daily bases match child care, such a lifestyle. "Shoes choose basically flat thing. Shoes which can run my basics (laugh). Bag two durability style that bag becomes bigger as there is much baggage, but puts carrying and wallet in the small bag such as TANGLE SM of JIL SANDER which we tried on today. Though it is simple, petty person trainer is important as we want to put accent somewhere casually"

JIL SANDER+ leather sandals 69,300 yen (tax in)
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