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It is genreless and sends POPUP and event of Shibuya PARCO, the seasonal information including the release planned limited product. For reference of outing and shopping of the weekend, we check the latest information of favorite shop from here!


4F PARCO MUSEUM TOKYO <art> "Daniel Arsham X Pokémon"

We hold American artist that holding became postponement for new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention, Daniel ashamu (Daniel Arsham) and exhibition "rerikkusuobukantosurutaimu Relics of Kanto Through Time" with Pokemon from August 1 to August 16.

This project starts as collaboration project with authentic modern Aristrist becoming first time Pokemon history in April, 2020. Collaboration T with UT was released in April, and exhibition was held in naan Takarazuka Operetta Troupe gallery of Shibuya in June.
At this exhibition becoming the project third, we add to unscreened sculpture of Pokemon which was reborn newly by ashamu, and the world will exhibit installation that work concept that ashamu raises can sense view of the world of "archeology as Fictional Archeology fiction" bodily to the public first. In addition, we put together for period, and "Pikachu" made of bronze of about 2m size is installed in Shibuya PARCO 1F store as public art. Furthermore, original goods made with 2G in Shibuya PARCO in particular for this time are released, and both Pokemon FAN and ashamufan will provide new experience that they can enjoy.

B1F GALLERY X <art> card captor cherry tree X PARCO Fleur Garden

Goods shop of card captor cherry tree for a limited time is open!
Sakura who wore costume of Crowe card, cherry tree card, clear card in the body is appearance among flowers. We offer item which draws, and usually uses by fashion with original goods using illustration and familiar item as motif, and is easy to do a lot.
Are you not invited to the world of card captor cherry tree?

Limited item of new label "PEERLESS" of 3F PEERLESS <limitation product >visvim.

Cotton and down vest using nylon blend material. Of color that make overdie on nylon, and is delicate is discolored, and express feeling and a feeling of irregularity, and put traditional mud dyeing processing of Amami Oshima in state of finish of product more. Degree of difficulty was high in processing to down vest, but we repeated test many times and usually arrived at this texture. We put hand pick down of white goose on down.

It seems to be oneself stylishly in 2F AMBUSH®WORKSHOP 2 <new product/lifestyle> house.

Room sandals which got inspiration to Japanese traditional footwear, leather-soled sandals. While there are cushion characteristics, knitting material knit well be superior to breathability and directs relaxation thyme stylishly while being comfortable in house and travel destination. Sandal thong of bandana print of smooth feel is accent.

2F KENZO <new product> 2020 Fall&Winter Collection

With DNA that brand has originality that had functionality and beauty, Felipe oriveira Batista defines new chapter for history of brand while showing respect for Legacy of KENZO.
Mainly on coloring of the refined natural world, it is characterized by urban elegance and silhouette with movement.

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