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X SNIDEL/FURFUR | to spend to say Space and fashion which are sasutinaburu snuggling up to contemporary woman

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X SNIDEL/FURFUR | to spend to say Space and fashion which are sasutinaburu snuggling up to contemporary woman

"Place to be able to enjoy both fashion and culture at the same time in Shibuya PARCO. We often come to play in private. "Is popular, and is new title called creator" now while making so use of word ruyuukosusanha, career called former idol; under achievement. Skin care brand "youange" where oneself produces YouTube channel and follower of Instagram more than 1.5 million people is popularity as it is sold out with the release. We had you enjoy the seasonal fashion in "SNIDEL" and "FURFUR" this time.

Hidetoshi Narita
Megumi Otake


Place that can meet oneself new.
SNIDEL full of senses of fun of adult

Detail which is elegant in concept with "street X formal" and "SNIDEL" which colors the everyday scene by simple styling. Under the theme of "Modern & Easy Mind", we suggest refined air Lee mode in gentle color to let you feel flower to be, discerning detail in this season. "One of the brands that SNIDEL is indispensable to make my style. It is charm that oganji and Tulle, floral design and elegant detail including geometry print just have sense of fun of adult with them. We say, it is place that can discover oneself new even if we come whenever.

We used many ecology & recycling material
The making of shop which is sasutinaburu in consideration for environment

We say, "we are learning influence on environment that apparel gives and sustainable heno approach from myself". We start "#SNIDEL_FOR_SUSTAINABILITY" project in SNIDEL sequentially at Shibuya PARCO shop some stores to include of the whole country. In shop, we use raw materials which work appropriate safely in used fluorescent lamp and the company factory including cathode-ray tube which we collected, and were provided as decoration. We appoint terrazo tile of scagliola with cement as main material as floor, and mirror uses thing of ingredient which does not include lead. High-quality "ORGANICS SNIDEL" using organic raw cotton and wool unfolds partly at apparel line.

shinakayani shakes
Feminine silhouette is favorite

Even yuukosusanha, private seem to always visit SNIDEL. Long dress that sumokipinku is lovely mature as for the item which she chose. "Pink is glad that it is apt to become sweet, but this dress is worn like adult. Though it is simple at a glance, we like elegant silhouette of skirt which shakes flexibly whenever we walk. Natural hair which let we look at healthy skin, and seto straggling hair be soft is with yuukosusannokodawari point.

Cotton A-line long dress \12,500+tax, raundosabo \12,000+tax

With accessory which is soft kolor and catchy
We update styling

Is dated nail to accessory and bag in showcase, say. "Eyes will go to accent color and accessories that it is now as there is much time to be at home to give feeling. As it increased at opportunity to exercise outside, I want mesh bag which appearance is stylish, and enters a lot even right now!" . When we give change to accessory making the most of, usual style?

Shop name
Shibuya PARCO 4F
The handling item
The handling brand
Phone number
Formula brand site
Official SNS
Instagram: @snidel_official
Twitter: @snidelOfficial
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