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  • PARCO BEAUTY | Limited item and original service are fulfilling. We go round Shibuya PARCO beauty spots

PARCO BEAUTY | Limited item and original service are fulfilling. We go round Shibuya PARCO beauty spots

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PARCO BEAUTY | Limited item and original service are fulfilling. We go round Shibuya PARCO beauty spots

Latest cosmetics and beauty item winter in the autumn of 2020 all present with the autumn arrival close at hand. In Shibuya PARCO, the most new work is released one after another. We check recommended item and Shibuya PARCO-limited product, more discerning service while going around the Shibuya PARCO building with popular model megumu (@megumu_offi) and Yuki Kawahara (@yuki_kawhr) this time. At the same time, we introduce how-to of trendy make of this season. We find way of enjoying only in Shibuya PARCO, and let's obtain favorite item.

Go Tanabe [make]
Sachiko Saito [shop]
Takahiro Suganuma
Aika kawada


DIOR BEAUTY SHIBUYA | Shibuya area only in here. Maison Christian Dior is full-line nap

Shop name
Shibuya PARCO 1F
The handling item
Phone number
Formula brand site
Official SNS
Twitter: @DiorBeautyJP
LINE: @ Dior beauty
Tax exemption

In shop divided into two, we thoroughly enjoy makeup and home product

On popular name "nakashibu street" linking East-West halls of 1F, "DIOR BEAUTY SHIBUYA" of look of a shop such as road surface shop gets into eyes. In the shop, maison Christian Dior corner with the only handling know in beauty corner and Shibuya area, full assortment of goods. Entrance immediate lip counter in particular has undecisiveness in elegant color variations in the best part. As for the service only for Shibuya PARCO where the name is classified into to case of gross.

Plump brightness and rippubamugurosu which is moistened all day. Dior ADDICT's Teller gross \3,600+tax

It is recommended to present. Maison Christian Dior series

For makeup corner of chic black interior to enhance color of cosmetics, maison Christian Dior corner is unification with white that it is Noble. About 30 kinds of flavor named like maison of France meets to all members. We develop candle or body cream which we want to obtain in reward to oneself. It is easy to pick up tester and can enjoy shopping while comparing various types. As there is lapping service that we squeeze up to gift box, it is good to gift.

(the top) maison Christian Dior spray 11,500 yen - +tax
(the inside) each liquid soap [350 ml] \6,500+tax, each body cream \12,000+tax
(bottom) history of maison to read by 26 letters and words from each candle \9,800+tax A to Z. Silk twill Mitzah scarf \25,000+tax

Men are fulfilling, too. Fragrance to symbolize maison has full-line equal

Many fragrance that Dior is known as masterpiece in the life. It is one of the characteristics of "DIOR BEAUTY SHIBUYA" that we have all lines in store, and handle from men's DIOR HOMME and the very large earth to SAUVAGE which got inspiration. In addition, in the corner where products of "DIOR BACKSTAGE" granting the professional finish created from backstage of fashion show form a line. When we check cosmetics that wisdom to draw beauty instantly was jam-packed.

sovajuodutoware 10,000 yen - +tax
sovajuoduparufan 13,000 yen - +tax


Make up Point

We make use of one item to the maximum
By gradation to frame warmth.

It is challenge for kolor make that is dramatic for the leading role with up-and-coming pink in autumn kolor item. We make gradation on eyelids and jugal bone using one color of pink and direct shadow. We express feminiti filled with warmth like autumn.

<Eye & Cheek>
"sankukururukuchuru 859th pink Koror" is turned on along the temple by the eyebrows bottom, jugal bone. Eyelids use beige kolor in the palette.

Use item
sankukururukuchuru 859 pink Koror \7,600+tax

Fashion item Info

<FEMMENT> Silky ink-jet Pt Long Point colored shirt \33,000+tax, 2WAY stretch gabardine double out tuck pants \39,000+tax

■3F/FEMMENT <check it>


▼Under 500 yen OFF coupon delivery to be usable at store in official application "POCKET PARCO"

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