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SHIBUYA PARCO ART WEEK | The autumn arrival of art. Ten days when Shibuya PARCO is stained with art.

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SHIBUYA PARCO ART WEEK | The autumn arrival of art. Ten days when Shibuya PARCO is stained with art.

We hold "ART WEEK" specialized in art in Shibuya PARCO for ten days until Sunday for from Friday, September 18 to 27th. Let alone gallery, display and product concerning art come out in shop. We present novelty sticker toward the purchase 3,000 yen (tax-included) during period or more!

※Publication item and display contents have change, possibility to sell, and to be finished without notice. Please confirm official information of each brand.

▼10% pay back campaign
When do shopping by pokeparu payment, is 10% pay back until shopping of up to 50,000 yen share. The details to this.

We present "ART PASSPORT" which can receive various privileges to the museum or gallery who purchased entrance ticket or product at target store. We can receive advantageous service including OFF and novelty when we have you show in PARCO MUSEUM TOKYO, WHITE CINE QUINTO, GALLERY X, HOBO Nichiyobi. As for the lottery that key chain of James Jarvis is! The details to this.

▼ART WEEK SALE simultaneous holding. The details to this.

Keisuke Kagiwada



POP BY JUN | Limited store of movie "mid90s" is open

In commemoration of exhibition of skater movie "mid90s mid ninety" that popular actor jona Hill dealt with supervision for the first time, limited store is opened by "POP BY JUN". It keeps collaboration item with various brands. T-shirt or fudi which cut the one scene of masterpiece movie from brand WIND AND SEA which stylist, photographer, creator who is known as director, and develops multi-activity regardless of the field, Takashi Kumagai deal with are appearances. It is only work that breath of skateboarding culture that we did on the stage of LA of the 90s is felt. Besides, collaboration item with "bonjour records" and "POET MEETSDUBWISE" releases, too. We should be able to understand skating culture in the 90s that became background of work more deeply if we look in this shop after the appreciation of movie.

Each COACH jacket \17,000+tax (the left) fudi \14,000+tax, each (the right) Ron TEE\8,000+tax TEE \7,000+tax

Takashi Kumagai

1970, Sendai birth. We have stylist, various faces including photographer. We start brand WIND AND SEA from 2018. The brand presents wear which gave hommage to street of the 90s.
Instagram (@takashikumagai_official)

COMINGSOON | See; cooking recipes book publication memory event of more teachers in Thailand

, also known as "hey stain researcher" see; more teachers. By taking advantage of Thai cooking skill learned in the home which learned at the time of Bangkok residence the president of Thai cooking class "soak hey research institute" and Thailand restaurant "see, more" as chef owner activity. Such she releases recipe book which she focused on sweets. The name "see <new Thai dishes> sweets of more teachers." In COMINGSOON, we hold publication memory event of the book. We just see many visuals of displayed recipe book publication, and cheeks seem to fall. Moreover, there is sale of today's Thai sweets, too. This is event that "is the most delicious at once twice".

Original sticker presentation.

See; more teachers

It is storekeeper, the Thailand cooking class "it soaks hey research institute" sponsorship Thai dishes "we see, more". Nephew soaks from 2013, and we see, and researcher does more and starts activity. It is opening "we see, more" real Thai dishes restaurant which took in season in Japan to Meguro in 2019.
Instagram (@mymot)

Discord Yohji Yamamoto | In original expression technique, we record new life on product

(the top) Sasada X discord Yohji Yamamoto\800,000+tax
(bottom) each Amano X discord Yohji Yamamoto \280,000+tax

"Discord Yohji Yamamoto" which had various Aristrist and collaboration so far. From archives, we gather collaboration works of two people of Amano Takeru and Yasuto Sasada in Shibuya PARCO. Picture and sculpture which let classic art and modern pop culture make crossover as for Amano. Sasada is evaluated in miniature which original and overwhelming power produced by 0.3 millimeters of pens was loaded with worldwide each. It is bag of discord Yohji Yamamoto that such two people gave paint directly. Special item of a piece of thing which was drawn all by handwriting. We want print to check force of "life" not to be able to give with the eyes by all means.

Yasuto Sasada X discord Yohji Yamamoto
(the left) \600,000+tax, each (the right) \760,000+tax
Amano Takeru X discord Yohji Yamamoto \280,000+tax

Amano Takeru

1977, Tokyo birth. After having learned prints in NY for four years from 1997, we come back to Tokyo in around 2000. The overwhelming power of expression is named “ NEW ART ". First collection of pictures "ICONS" was published this year.

Yasuto Sasada

1985, Okayama birth. It is contemporary artist representing miniature using 0.3 millimeters of pens. Various activities are planned in the world by Field without staying in art world and are Aristrist attracting attention.
Instagram (@yasuto_sasada)

Living | with a feeling of H.P.DECO art We display and sell the original picture of humorous "rabbit human being"

Picture which Frenchwoman Aristrist Natalie Lettie draws nails eyes of people for view of the world that totally jumped out of never-never land and does not keep away. By "living with a feeling of H.P.DECO art", we display the original picture of "usagi ningen" (rabbit human being) which she drew for Usagi pour toi H.P.FRANCE which reached the 20th anniversary and sell. That this rabbit, model are Natalie. Even if dress is polluted with paint, to rabbit without care, creation-related rich her way of life has a glimpse and gets. It is humorous and is happy and it is sometimes with her cynical art, living just imagines and is wonderful.

Nathalie Lété (Natalie Lettie)

Frenchwoman Aristrist. We deal with various works such as picture book and ceramic, textile, lithograph and perform collaboration with brands of the world positively. There is "IN THE GARDEN OF MY DREAMS" in anthology.
Instagram (@nathalie_lete)

PORTER EXCHANGE | Brand and collaboration including Aristrist & long-established store sewing

(the top) PORTER X JAMES JARVIS BACK PACK\60,000+tax
(bottom) each PORTER X JAMES JARVIS ORIGINAL T-SHIRT [two colors of development] \6,000+tax

It is collaboration item with James Jarvis that becomes featured. We sell T-shirt which printed characters of "PORTER" of Jarvis touch released in the past (person carrying baggage of visitor at station and airport, hotel) at the same time to develop bag of camouflage print with original characters of Jarvis as motif.
Teddy bear of special model to wear clothes of PORTER which did brand Steiff and collaboration including well-established sewing of Germany other than Jarvis is release. This cannot miss attached wooden bag for feelings asking furniture maker, KARIMOKU of Japan for, too.

PORTER X Steiff Teddy bear\50,000+tax

Steiff (shutaifu)

Brand including the highest grade sewing founded in Germany in 1880. We make stuffed toy for the first time in the world and have teddy bear. We continue being loved more than the times by people of the world.

Discover Japan Lab. | Porcelain which is street ceramist, bread quiche of Takahiro Koga comes out

(the left) SPIKY SAKE CUP\20,000+tax
(the right) out of Luo SPIKY CUP\25,000+tax

Takahiro Koga is featured street ceramist advocating "anti-wabi sabi" with "⽇ book ⽂ is made with FAN of becoming" is "Discover Japan Lab" of theme. Cup of SPIKY series "that approached with a feeling of alien substance daringly" is displayed. As for the shape that was bread quiche which studs were garnished with, visualization, kashokuka did power to be originally inherent in "thing". Hot thought of him whom we are going to crystallize is loaded there porcelain with for projecting existence turning the world. At present when time to be at home increases and is apt to come to often mope. Koga work is sure that he/she gives power.

Takahiro Koga

We are from 1987, Fukuoka. 2010, Saga University culture department of education art, crafts course graduation. Private exhibition is held in 2019, Roppongi Hills A/D gallery. In late years, including adidas, we announce collaboration work with brand.

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