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It is genreless and sends POPUP and event of Shibuya PARCO, the seasonal information including the release planned limited product. For reference of outing and shopping of the weekend, we check the latest information of favorite shop from here!


10F ROOFTOP PARK <display> Gallery of 46, Keyakizaka @SHIBUYA PARCO ROOFTOP PARK

In commemoration of exhibition of "our lie and truth Documentary of 46, Keyakizaka", tie-up with Shibuya PARCO was decided.
It is for a limited time and, in ROOFTOP PARK of Shibuya PARCO 10F, will display precious unscreened photograph and backstage during drama, interview cut seen only here.


Luxury outerwear brand, Herno which were born with laser in northern Italy in 1948.
"Tradition" using innovative high technology material and fusion of "modaniti" continue attracting much FAN of the world while succeeding to prominent Crafts Manship. Please thoroughly enjoy view of the world of luxury HERNO.

1F The window <POP UP> N ° 21 X FILA POP UP STORE

As for the theme, all our lifestyle and sense of values are going to trade "Be Yourself" new model coronavirus infection spread as opportunity.
With wish to want to support all of you with power of fashion which "wants to be valid like oneself as they were at any time."

1F GATE <POP UP> Heaven by Marc Jacobs POP UP SHOP

View of the world of new MARC JACOBS, Heaven by Marc Jacobs appearance.
In Heaven by Marc Jacobs, dream of young man in the root of creation of MARC JACOBS, image of boys and girls with free sexual impulse and mind are subjects. We cross culture such as street fashion and art, music, movie or photography and send diversity and freedom to view of the world of mark.
As for this Collection which much Aristrist and designers offered graphic to, it is lineup to tick away history in new generation.

During period, we give original gift to customer of purchase 33,000 yen (tax-included) or more by the first arrival.

3F escalator side <POP UP> AVENEW POP UP STORE

Collection of AVENEW theme gathered up not only "now" including daily sweat shirt using high-quality cotton of California sun Hawken valley but also item which we wanted to continue still using in all 10 types from "CLASSIC" stretch material and functional item which gave water-repellent finishing in 2020.
Color taste assumes Bordeaux and astringent juice meno green accent color and can thoroughly enjoy refined feel of a material.
In sale, very rare AVENEW, popup is held in the fall and winter only in from 1 to 22 on September only in season.


Fashion brand CINOH (CINOH) that Shigeyuki Kayano acts as design holds POP UP STORE for a limited time.
During POP UP period, PARCO-limited item does lineup in addition to collection of MENS full-line, too. In addition, for skateboarding park which is store concept, it is CINOH
We will sell original finger skateboard for a limited time.

Collection is started from 2014 S/S by designer/Shigeyuki Kayano. We start men with 2018 S/S Collection.
In shop of Shibuya PARCO3F, we are developing women men!


KiwandaKiwanda presenting shop in Minamiaoyama will open 2 store eyes in Shibuya PARCO3 floor on Friday, September 4, 2020. It is borderless freely at new store.
It is our mind to pursue new originality while enjoying own style without being swung around in the fashion, and respecting individuality and diversity.
On opening, 7 type will offer the latest socks of 2 size development that featured the theme of Gen Dulles. We cope as unique gift item widely.
In addition, we hold event of embroidery order denim to put a piece of a piece of hand embroidery for in atelier which we held irregularly only in shop of Aoyama.


We will hold POPUP STORE becoming first in popular illustrator blue Ko, clothes design, supervision fashion brand "Mille Grape" in Shibuya PARCO 5F space only in period of from Friday, September 4 to Sunday, September 6.

We display and will sell items from "2019 Winter Collection" to "2020 Summer Collection" in POPUP STORE.
In addition, we accept an order of "hooded sweatshirt/red brown khaki" sold out in item of latest "2020 Autumn Collection", "2019 Winter Collection" as POPUP-limited kolor and will sell.

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