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It is genreless and sends POPUP and event of Shibuya PARCO, the seasonal information including the release planned limited product. For reference of outing and shopping of the weekend, we check the latest information of favorite shop from here!


The BVLGARI< online store> "AMBUSH X BVLGARI" online store period-limited release

Bvlgari opens "Bvlgari online store" in Shibuya PARCO only in periods from Thursday, September 17, 2020 to Wednesday, September 30.
Bvlgari and special CAPSEL collection by collaboration with creative director YOON of AMBUSH come up.
From Bvlgari which is luxury brand of Rome, play an active part in the front line of new wave based in Tokyo; was young, and collaboration with designer YOON full of talent realized, and mind special purse and Collection of accessories which jumped were born.
With "AMBUSH X BVLGARI" Collection, vivid coloration, extremely soft form which imaged the beauty of nature to have of snake and fresh, cool design do the core of vision of YOON. Bag and accessories of man-made hue and fascinating style to be fascinated by unintentionally overflow in sense of fun, and Tokyo Style which is avant garde of YOON is taken in DNA of Bvlgari which is haijuera and brings about unexpected harmony and gives off fresh charm.

The 2F UNDERCOVER NOISE LAB <new product> 2020 collaboration Collection "UNDERCOVER X RAMIDUS" in the fall and winter release

Collaboration Collection "UNDERCOVER X RAMIDUS" releases on Saturday, September 19, 2020 in 2020 fall and winter.
We minimize sewing part and, for "TYPE" series characterized by seamless design which material and technique corresponding to all weather weave, print original graphic of UNDERCOVER.
As for shoulder bag, the bum bag of design which we arranged two themes of "spiritual noise "and "Chaos Balance" of UNDERCOVER for, it is type 2, type 4 lineup in total each.

There is from "Harajuku that is the place of dispatch of street fashion in place to pursue the cause manufacturing of common consciousness called dispatch for the world" in background where collaboration was realized this time.
RAMIDUS which continues challenging new thing under the theme of challenge spirit with sense of fun of UNDERCOVER and new standard positively.
Please enjoy collaboration to be able to fully enjoy identity that both have.

Announcement of 1F HUMAN MADE< new product >HUMAN MADE SEASON20 new product arrival

It is short jacket of classic design which made raised processing on work cloth for WORK JACKET cotton.
It is characterized by graphic and chain embroidery of wild boar pork motif of back.

Original brand of 2F 2G <new product> "P ROOM THE WORLD" starts

In "fashion for elation when had art and art toy in the hand" concept shop "P ROOM THE WORLD" (pirumuzawarudo) that Daytona international works together with history of Ogi 〝 POGGY 〟 group on o theme and develops in Shibuya PARCO 2 G.
Original brand of P ROOM THE WORLD starts in order to take away the cause of new idea to lose "ROOM WEAR OUTERWEAR" house coat and wall of street clothes, wall said to that we are ordinary.
To original brand start, and graffiti Aristrist Futura (new logo of P ROOM THE WORLD by Futura Laboratories which few. chula deals with is born. The first item begins to sell shirt and sweat shirt, pants in store and online store from Saturday, August 29. (a part, reservation product)

2F KENZO <new product> 2020 FW collection "KENZO SPORT"

KENZO which gave power that is full of colors to praise nature and culture, diversity, and is borderless ticks away new chapter by Felipe oriveira Batista for half a century.

Holding of 2F beautiful people <event> novelty fair!

2nd delivery of 20winter collection which got idea from building material presents store than 9/26.
In addition, we hold novelty fair of mask case.

"The elastic may make you sore, but this is a little action we can do to FIGHT with Covid-19"
"It is one of having possibilities to ache with rubber a little, but our being able to do it for corona"

Rubber which was sewed at size to feel that we put body through simple T-shirt slightly tightly,
As for the mask, allegory did fact to be corona and the first action to fight
It will release including put charity T-shirt of message called this.

<novelty handing over condition>
It is purchase more than \13,000+tax

It is finished as soon as it disappears than 9/26

Product which enjoys 2F Santa Maria Novella <new product> house comfortably happily

In September, 2020, new product comes up in series to room fragrance of Santa Maria Novella. Room fragrance that this D fuser expressed five continents with five flavor. With Nuance of five flavor of mother earth, you can enjoy world trip while being in home.

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