SHIBUYA PARCO NEWS-2020.10-vol.9

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SHIBUYA PARCO NEWS-2020.10-vol.9

It is genreless and sends POPUP and event of Shibuya PARCO, the seasonal information including the release planned limited product. For reference of outing and shopping of the weekend, we check the latest information of favorite shop from here!


  • P.1-limited products, new product
  • P.2POP UP

1F POP BY JUN <limitation product> "AKASHIC RECORDS" holding

We hold popup event "AKASHIC RECORDS" where Tatsuhiko Akashi performs curation totally.
In "AKASHIC RECORDS", we will develop Aristrist, brand which Akashi oneself selected from all over the world, a lot of works of contents. We are going to sell various art and toys, apparel including limited article which we can buy only at this event during period of Tuesday (holiday) for from Friday, October 16 to November 3.
Please enjoy akashic records(= world memory) that Tatsuhiko Akashi piled up during history of Medicom Toy 24 years!

2F 2G <limitation product> "COLETTE MON AMOUR" POP UP STORE

Popup store which memorializes exhibition of documentary "COLETTE MON AMOUR" (KORET mon Amour) which chased Paris that closed at the end of 2017, the last days of "KORET", and handles merchandise of limitation is opening in Shibuya PARCO "2G".

We add to collaboration item with "maison KITSUNE" (MAISON KITSUNE) or "few. chula 2000" (futura 2000) which was released in other cities, and Japan-limited item that Heiss Nova Yeti and ZARA including collaboration with "swatch (Swatch)" "ED BANGER" did curation special product by creator appearing for movie including "Sacai" (SACAI) "doublet" (DOUBLET) "HUMAN MADE(R) ®" (HUMAN MADE®) "Medicom Toy" (MEDICOM TOY) and "2G" appears a lot.

2F THE NORTH FACE LAB <limitation product >NEW Exclusive Item "PROTOTYPE 002 ".

Collection which poured little high-performance material of load and the latest technique into environment, and brushed up TNFware developed centering on LESS IS MORE which was keyword of TNF with PROTOTYPE Collection. It becomes special specifications that drew characteristic of maximum product with minimal specifications while being LOW FOOT PRINT. It is release this time in light weight wear which does this, and is active in stretch material, and dropped track jacket, Flyweight Track Jacket PROTOTYPE 002.


Foods jacket made in Gore-Tex place with feather which gave thermotape.
Product made in super light weight polyester which weaves the outside consisting of high-performance 2-layer cloth, and is produced by plane "Dobby." Using extra-fine fiber, we finish with smooth ripstop texture. We put thin film of Gore-Tex which had waterproofness, complete storm characteristics and very superior breathability to the cloth together.

5F L.H.P. <limitation product> Japan first landing NAKEDWOLF

Shoes brand of the first landing in Japan. Certain manufacturing that was particular about in impressive design and quality full of originality attracts reputation and becomes topic all over the world.

5F Candy Stripper <new product> winter knit coordinates

Sailor tops of three-dimensional honeycomb knitting. Skirt studded with ribbon which was large-sized with one that good-quality atmosphere drifted with soft texture by remake design which docked with two pieces at random and Gurley coordination which we put together.

5F jouetie <recommended product> outer fair

By the outer purchase during period, we present Shibuya PARCO-limited kolor extra-large shopper. (limited number of)


Collaboration product which team improved and made with URBS and Korean street brand thisisneverthat and 3 brands of Dickies which URBAN RESEARCH ran.
Jacket, 3 items of set up and pocket t shirt of pants

4F une nana cool <new product >BRAGENIC series Takako Noel X unenanacool 

Even if wire does not enter, it is design that Visual Artist Takako Noel woke up the cause of theme called "trip of search for oneself", photograph which we photographed in print in popular non-wire BRAGENIC making beautiful valley.

Of 4F HOBONICHI CultureN <new product >JAPAN MANGA CLASSICS series "Doraemon" "Astro Boy" "Chibi Maruko-chan" "ramma 1/2" notebook almost comes up on day!

"JAPAN MANGA CLASSICS" which came out of Japanese masterpiece comics series almost appears to notebook 2021 on day. It is 4 works of "Doraemon" "Astro Boy" "Chibi Maruko-chan" "ramma 1/2" that made collaboration. Only as for the masterpiece which was loved by many people, and has been read. Design of "Doraemon" is daishimaihisagea. "Astro Boy" is Masako Kusakabe. "Chibi Maruko-chan" is Naoko Nakui. We asked Gugi Akiyama for "ramma 1/2".

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