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  • "Closet is "everywhere" | In Closet color. Ten days when the favorite first place is found "anywhere" "anytime."

"Closet is "everywhere" | In Closet color. Ten days when the favorite first place is found "anywhere" "anytime."

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"Closet is "everywhere" | In Closet color. Ten days when the favorite first place is found "anywhere" "anytime."

Fashion week of Shibuya PARCO autumn "hold Closet is "everywhere" for ten days until Sunday for from Friday, October 16 to 25th. Commencing with pay back campaign, it becomes free shipping when we purchase clothes with PARCO online and is full of nice privileges. As for the online live streaming that influencers such as Ai Takahashi of achievement introduce recommended item in the fall and winter to as model talent. We enjoy shopping while going round various shops in PARCO and enjoy shopping relaxedly while relaxing at home, and we are advantageous, and let's find the "anywhere" "anytime" favorite first place happily.

▼10% pay back campaign
When do shopping by pokeparu payment, is 10% pay back until shopping of up to 50,000 yen share. The details to this.

▼The cord settlement is advantageous!
We pay 5% cashback when we do shopping by d point payment on - 28 Sunday on Thursday, October 15! The details to this.

▼It is 10% pay back by purchase establishment in store specializing in part-exchanges "RINKAN"!
By purchase establishment 5,000 yen or more, it is 10% pay back until shopping of up to 50,000 yen share! The details to this.


Specialists of each genre including fashion item and make technique that are indispensable to trendy wearing in the fall and winter are introductions by live streaming! The purchase of introduction item is possible while seeing delivery.
The details including introduction brand to this.


▼We hold online straight delivery every day in rotation!

During period, brand in Shibuya PARCO building holds online live delivery every day in rotation. Curious lineup to this.

▼New culture Festival "P.O.N.D" of PARCO

Festival "P.O.N.D" of culture that creator who is fashion of every genre including - art fashion, music, drama participates in on Friday, October 16 starts. On the night of Friday, October 16 becoming the curtain end, we hold party in 10F COMMUNE. Backed by dynamic scenery and night view of Shibuya, we send comfortable live.
The details to this.

We introduce each brand, item of one push in the fall and winter. The purchase is possible by PARCO ONLINESTORE or collect on delivery.
As for the campaign that the postage becomes free when we have you purchase 3,000 yen or more in PARCO ONLINESTORE. Target store is this.


Logogriph sweat shirt

LOEWE which inherited technical knowledge about craftsmanship, innovation and matchless leather carefully since we started in Madrid, Spain in 1846. As for Collection which Jonathan Anderson takes office, and new sensitivity was recorded on, new brand aesthetics and identity of LOEWE which was lined in traditional and innovative technique before it leads to the details are proposed. Item in development polychromatic as for the crew neck sweater of logogriph big on the chest with embroidery regardless of man and woman of popularity.


Email mail order is possible. Request for purchase is this.


One of the standard items using good-quality merino wool, 4Bar cardigan. Four-colored development that added navy kolor to three colors of gray-collar worker which was Aiko Nic kolor of brand. Items to be able to enjoy depenging on the style various in simple silhouette.


Store mail order is possible. Please contact shop.

Tartan check folded neckpiece of haori jacket

Classic folded neckpiece of haori jacket of COMME des GARCONS girl comes up with cloth for original tartan check. Unique texture that shuku*kako was given to cloth for original tartan check made only for girl is characteristic. Again in the same tendencies materials as for the development such as dress or jumper skirt.


Store mail order is possible. Please contact shop.

Living with a feeling of 1F H.P.DECO art
Nathalie Lete usagi ningen tops

Tops of cut-and-sew material with thickness that we did well. One article to be able to enjoy fashion with usagi of the classical clothing.
[Nathalie Lete (Natalie Lettie)]
Aristrist of Frenchwoman. We deal with picture book and ceramic, textile, various works including lithograph and perform collaboration with brand and creator of all the countries of the world positively. Her colorful work to get inspiration from memory in the days of child and everyday living is humorous and is happy and is cynical in some way.


The purchase is this

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