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TAIKI&NOAH X KENZO/AMBUSH®WORKSHOP 2 | For fashion week feeling to Shibuya PARCO

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TAIKI&NOAH X KENZO/AMBUSH®WORKSHOP 2 | For fashion week feeling to Shibuya PARCO

It is fashion icon representing Tokyo, and Japan-Korea Boys couple in great demand, TAIKI (photograph left/Japan) and NOAH come at fashion events of the world now (photograph right/Korea). Two people are Cruise in shop in Shibuya PARCO paying attention now. "KENZO" which new designer takes office from this season, and initial work already has lineup of. And we visited brand "AMBUSH®" of YOON oneself which played an active part as jewelry designer of Dior men line.

Sayo Nagase
Koji Oyamada
Aika Kiyohara


We wear favorite orchid way look splendidly
It is Cruise in new life "KENZO"

It is Collection look of "KENZO" (KENZO) 2020AW that NOAH was with shining eyes saying "we thought that we can never hand over this red look though it is place to usually choose blue". Graphic of artistic tiger is suitability. Saying, as for "the blue coat, long silhouette is really beautiful"; TAIKI. Two people that tension goes up in elegant orchid way look that there is some exoticism saying "we want to go in this look for fashion week."

(the left) knit curler \18,000+tax, sweater \105,000+tax, bag \132,000+tax
※Hat, coat, pants are reference products
(the right) sweater \151,000+tax, knit curler \18,000+tax, shoes \59,000+tax, bum bag \37,000+tax
※Hat, poncho, shoes are reference products

It depends on new creative director
View of the world of "KENZO" which is konsepuchuaru

"KENZO" which designers were changed than 2020AW Collection, and brand renovated. We succeed philosophy of founder, Kenzo Takada, and Felipe oriveira Batista from Portugal which took office as new creative director announces Collection which color to remind of "trip" is rich, and is elegant. Profound knowledge to art pays attention to the mood making of space like the gallery who let you reflect his deep view of the world to drift, too.

(the left) sunglasses \22,000+tax
(the right) sunglasses \23,000+tax

Powerful graphic design.
"KENZO SPORT" joins newly!

It is big topic that lineup that "KENZO SPORT" is new increased. Graphical collection made up in technical material which pursued Elegance and comfort is wide assortment of goods from wear to accessory. Coin case and cardholder of monogram which LOGO of "K" where it was renovated what two people paid attention to was made on. Besides, state that was fascinated with new work item that set up of corduroy of KENZO, NOAH lined up in TAIKI in khaki coat and shop. While camera turned around, we seem to have entered into the serious shopping mood.

Cardholder 22,000 yen (from the left top to clockwise direction) with monogram strap, monogram pouch 28,000 yen, monogram cardholder 13,000 yen, K logo card case 14,000 yen, fonds case 28,000 yen with K logos trap, K logo coin case: 23,000 yen ※All +tax (the left) coat \158,000+tax
(the right) corduroy jacket \105,000+tax, corduroy pants \52,000+tax

Let's save symbol of brand, wild tiger!
We sell charity Collection with WWF

We work together with WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), and KENZO presents CAPSEL collection for the purpose of protection activity of endangered wild tiger. fudi, T-shirt that print of graphical tiger was given are batting order. As for all the material, it is said that $10 are donated to project every sales of one point of item using 100% organic cotton. Check application that AR of real tiger which two people enjoyed jumps out by all means.

Shop name
Shibuya PARCO 2F
The handling item
The handling brand
Phone number
Formula brand site
Official SNS
Instagram: @kenzo
Tax exemption
[store mail order possibility] If you like, please contact shop.

<NEXT> To AMBUSH®WORKSHOP 2 which is particular about manufacturing of Japan.

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