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  • Kozue Akimoto X COMME des GARÇONS GIRL | Brand first independent shop that attributive quality gathered in a hall from standard

Kozue Akimoto X COMME des GARÇONS GIRL | Brand first independent shop that attributive quality gathered in a hall from standard

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Kozue Akimoto X COMME des GARÇONS GIRL | Brand first independent shop that attributive quality gathered in a hall from standard

Kozue Akimoto who plays an active part as model who represents overseas show, magazine, Asia including advertisement without staying in Japan. We had you talk about thought for fashion only by her who crossed genre, and dressed various clothes well while going round curious shops of Shibuya PARCO. To that shop to hold this time next to 1F Koen-dori St. entrance.

Wataru Fukaya
Tetsuya Nishimura
Sada Ito for NARS cosmetics (donna)
Sota Nagashima

Girl going to way turns around carelessly
White globe and pink dot are marks

Shibuya Koen-dori St. which extends to Yoyogi Park from free intersection. This street becoming center enlivening fashion and culture of Shibuya can be also known as main street when we walk towards Shibuya PARCO. It is independent shop where it is the first in "COMME des GARÇONS GIRL" (COMME des GARCONS girl) to jump into eyes immediately when we enter 1F entrance facing such Shibuya Koen-dori St.

Dress 48,000 yen, blouse 25,000 yen, jacket 59,000 yen ※All +tax

As for the person called ardent FAN of brand,
Even if we will hold out to person to come to like from now on

Brand that Rei Kawakubo of designer started development at 2015 SS seasons in COMME des GARÇONS GIRL handled so far in shops of "COMME des GARÇONS." Because support from the young group was high at the same time to be independent shop of FAN expectation of the brand, there was thinking that young people who came and went in Shibuya wanted you to come to like fashion triggered by this shop and held shop in Shibuya PARCO.

(the left) rabbit bag 34,000 yen, (the inside) CDG logo bag 16,000 yen, (the right) dot print bag 18,000 yen ※All +tax

Take a walk in white cloud
no shopping quite has a dreamy experience

"Even view of the world! Akimoto who murmurs unintentionally at the same time as ceiling enters shop saying we are pretty. Interior based on white becomes shape that swelled out like cloud when we look up and makes feel dreamy which seemed to set foot in special place. Steps of Akimoto who wears girly clothes in the body in school taste that COMME des GARÇONS GIRL is good at, and walks are seen to light car somewhat. "We like uniform like today-like laying upon. Point to like wearing without putting sneakers together, and young man being seized with rule than image. It is good to oneself who enjoys fashion without always choosing genre!" .

You can buy only here,
As for the special collaboration item

Collaboration items between house brand such as "CDG" and "PLAY COMME des GARÇONS" which are limited article that what, at first, you should pay attention to in the shop is Shibuya PARCO and can buy. Furthermore, collaboration items by cooperation tag of FAN suiyodari such as "Lewis Leathers" and "Disney" form a line, too.

(the left) rider's jacket 240,000 yen of Lewis Leathers
(the right) Disney blouse 24,000 yen, fudi 43,000 yen ※All +tax

He/she achieves feeling,
Accessory and bags are fulfilling

Accessory which it is easy to pick up in attributive quality is desire. State that Akimoto only black item is usually worried about white enamel bags which we took in hand first. "We are glad that we can come across item which we do not usually choose in this way when we go to visit shop. One thinking to work, and not to profit of model can wear clothes of various tastes. It looks good with that, and, at the time of work, it does not look good, and it is fun we change oneself, and to become known.

It is uniform in Paris
Clothes of "COMME des GARÇONS"

Akimoto that it was not able to participate in this season, but it becomes one of the lifestyles to go to Paris this for these past around seven years. "There may be showy impression in the world, but gathers little by little as there is item which unexpectedly usually uses, and is easy to do a lot. Though we often choose hard item when we go to Paris, as for me, treetop comes with which clothes this time? We are very glad that fashion enthusiast are looking forward to this. We want to gather COMME des GARÇONS GIRL which we wore little by little now today as there are many things which are usable in standard item for a long time.

Shop name
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Kozue Akimoto

After appearing on advertisement of HERMES as model of representative from Japan in 2011, we play an active part in wide genre from street to mode. We attract attention as model to represent Asia including overseas show, magazine, advertisement now without moving into action as global ambassador of SHISEIDO "SHISEIDO GINZA TOKYO", and remaining in the country.
Instagram (@akimoto_kozue)

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