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Kozue Akimoto X Berberjin | Selected band T-shirts with well-known store of vintage shop

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Kozue Akimoto X Berberjin | Selected band T-shirts with well-known store of vintage shop

Kozue Akimoto of model to play an active part in style that is Aiko Nic of the one and only in not only Japan but also foreign countries. While her style is elegant atmosphere mainly on black, flavor that is just what rock to always wear band T-shirt well drifts. We heard arrival, story to shop "BerBerJin" which was good to style of such Akimoto.

Wataru Fukaya
Tetsuya Nishimura
Sada Ito for NARS cosmetics (donna)
Sota Nagashima

Used clothing freaks of the world send heat eyes
Well-known store of Harajuku is born to Shibuya

It is "BerBerJin" (BerBerJin) attracting attention now from the world as well-established secondhand clothes store of Harajuku that stands still quietly like perron, hideout of 3 - 4F. The only secondhand clothes store in Shibuya PARCO is already feeling of suspicious person from the location. By the way, we want you to learn people to want to leave for BerBerJin at the very beginning by all means as it leads to shop when it goes up escalator outside point that went up Spanish slope when we go along the hall.

We relaxed shoulder
It is LOCKE'S tile "as usual"

Akimoto who appeared with engineer boots of private properties which we bought for the first part-time job pay to band T-shirt. "It is skinny and is T-shirt of used clothing, already everyday me itself to engineer boots. Old-clothes dealer goes only to check band T (laugh). It is feeling valuing if there are any things which we liked rather than gathering. Oh, may it be said that T-shirt of Marilyn Manson collects? We hear that there was BerBerJin in Shibuya PARCO this time and at last we can come and are glad.

<70' s Lewis Leathers> Riders Jacket\298,000+tax, <type o negative> TEE\29,800+tax

New music and opportunity to come across
It should be allowed to be band T-shirt

"There is the most Marilyn Manson in band T. We look for in net, but like what we buy in shop trusting including old-clothes dealer of friend and shop which never goes if we go abroad. When such Akimoto chooses band T-shirt, it is said that we think that it is wonderful by appearance as well as thing of favorite Aristrist and may buy. "It is slightly shameful talk, but buys even belt which oneself does not usually listen to when design is cool while being troubled a little. Of course it may not be from fashion opportunity to know newly that it is included from music" . From abundant band T which formed a line in shop, state to look for by one piece eagerly was impressive.

shido and Nancy were drawn

Quantity considerable as for the number of T-shirt piled up by wall and shelves of limit to look around. Meanwhile, showcase in front of cash register had item which caught eye of Akimoto. Shirt which shido & Nancy whom the staff took out was drawn price what and 398,000 yen (!) . It is said that shirt of this "MOSQUITOHEAD" is fantastic item to be able to rarely see. While "it turns out that it is large, we enter showcase and are just robbed of just mind by item displayed on wall. Old-clothes dealer is terrible! We tried on well and enjoyed the atmosphere while talking with (laugh).

<MOSQUITOHEAD> Shirts\390,000+tax

Other than the used clothing piled up in large quantities,
As for the refined select item

Ambition as we develop items of mohair centering on stocking retarinado, band T in fall and winter to suggest coordinates to improve on the arrival every time in Instagram (@berberjin_shibuya_parco) around band T, and to match that. As far as we are glad for Akimoto who always loves band T than used clothing itself. "We understand that it is the powerful charm of secondhand clothes store that looks for from enormous items, but we are selected like BerBerJin well and are easy to choose me".

(the left) Rayon "SPACE" Pattern Shirts\27,000+tax
(the right) Velvet Western Shirts\48,000+tax
Shop name
The handling item
Used clothing/women/men
Phone number
Official site
Official SNS
Instagram: @berberjin_shibuya_parco
Tax exemption

Kozue Akimoto

After appearing on advertisement of HERMES as model of representative from Japan in 2011, we play an active part in wide genre from street to mode. We attract attention as model to represent Asia including overseas show, magazine, advertisement now without moving into action as global ambassador of SHISEIDO "SHISEIDO GINZA TOKYO", and remaining in the country.
Instagram (@akimoto_kozue)

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