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Kiko Mizuhara, Yuka Mizuhara X Campy!bar | Welcome ardent as for anyone! Time that is happy in woman's disguise bar from Shinjuku 2

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Kiko Mizuhara, Yuka Mizuhara X Campy!bar | Welcome ardent as for anyone! Time that is happy in woman's disguise bar from Shinjuku 2

Kiko Mizuhara to have possibilities to always go out to bar and snack of Shinjuku 2 to play to take a rest. Business hours were the longest in B1F "CHAOS KITCHEN" of Shibuya PARCO and visited mixed bar "Campy!bar" where the individual, splendid staff was prepared with Yuka of sister this time. Relation that disposition was identified as burubonnu (@bourbonne_campy) between producer who has participated in PRIDE parade in friends together. That sisters found in shop where laughter did not die out?

Teruo Horikoshi
Aika Kawada

Mixed bar which is popular at Shinjuku 2 in Shibuya PARCO.
Bar, lunch are open at night as cafe

In B1F "CHAOS KITCHEN" where various restaurants and shops jostle, "Campy!bar" standing out is celebrity shop to hold Main Store along the Shinjuku two orders eyes relation street. Including woman's disguise waitress total number 60, it is mixed bar which the staff of various sexual impulses commits. On weekdays, business hours are the longest to 19:00-29:00 in Shibuya PARCO. Lunch is open as pure cafe "hamano shop", and GAP with night that we can enjoy cafe menu feeling nostalgic for slightly attracts public attention.

Celebrity doraagukuin which wins fame in neighborhood
We offer hospitality every day in rotation

doraagukuin where it is unique to link the name led by burubonnu. It is 1 to 2 persons that stand in shop and changes every day in rotation. It is said that thought of shop to "want to go several times and to come across the congenial staff" is loaded this with. Liking that it is chattering enthusiast that is common to all staff and connects people. As "window of shop is big and shows the shop, even the first person is easy to enter. We want to certainly come to play again to open until 4:00 in the morning!" (rare child).

As for drink and the snacks from 1,000 yen or less.
Shop which is kind to breast that beginner is welcome

There should be a lot of people to be able to be familiar with the check and atmosphere even if bar wants to go, or to be worried in Shinjuku 2. Campy!bar is friendly for first visit and person coming to play aimlessly, young person, one. Exhaustiveness that accounts are cash on, and snacks are with ¥1000 or less of price from ¥500 (tax-excluded). As well as beer and wine, cocktail, is prepared to juice and corn mustache tea, and, as for the snacks, nuts dry in consideration for foods loss; only as for the thing. "Wonderful place where people of LGBT work like oneself, and both sex and age can interchange without relations. In addition, we want to come by all means (Yuka).

The shop of nostalgic atmosphere.
Let's enjoy conversation in open mind

As for the interior, the mood gorgeous with nostalgia that crossed snack is mixed with cafe of Showa. It is retro design based on white so that presence of woman's disguise waitress stands out. To size that window of entrance is easy to consider the inside "to want person who happens to pass by here by chance, and was worried about the shop to include aimlessly" from thought of owner. It "is good we drink with friend, and to make buzz-buzz and looks good to have you are alone and visit and hear trouble" (rare child). As well as main store of Shinjuku 2, big window is mark. It is spot wanting you to come casually by all means.

Shop name
The handling item
Mixed bar
Official site
Official SNS
Instagram: @campybar_parco
Twitter: @Campy_bar
The number of seats
Six seats of counter ten seats tables

Kiko Mizuhara

1990, U.S. Texas Dallas birth. The Godo, Hyogo breeding. We start model activity in 2003. Movie makes its debut in movie "Norwegian forest" in 2010. Afterwards, we play an active part in domestic and foreign fashion magazines and advertisements, TV dramas. We send experimental projects such as art work and product collaboration or event by own project OK for the world with creators who can share thought that is peace with the creative.
Instagram (@i_am_kiko)

Yuka Mizuhara

1994, U.S. Texas Dallas birth. The Godo, Hyogo breeding. We make use of knowledge of model and favorite music and play an active part in many events and radio programs as DJ. We perform work shooting with film camera and show creativity in many aspects.
Instagram (@ashley_yuka)

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