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Kiko Mizuhara, Yuka Mizuhara X OK PLAZA/beautiful people/ sustainable store | Shop hops in pursuit of fashion which can continue

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Kiko Mizuhara, Yuka Mizuhara X OK PLAZA/beautiful people/ sustainable store | Shop hops in pursuit of fashion which can continue

Close sisters, Kiko Mizuhara and Yuka who attract attention as fashion icon. We thought about enjoying fashion without hanging load in natural environments visiting shops which did approach that was sasutinaburu (sustainable) which two people were fashion and sacred place of culture, Shibuya PARCO, and was kind to environment and person. A lot of hints that are sasutinaburu in POP UP store "OK PLAZA" which they become sponsorship and held. With shop report, we send actual voice of sisters.

Teruo Horikoshi
Aika Kawada

Of "OK" that Kiko Mizuhara hosts
We hold shop "OK PLAZA" for a limited time

Project "OK" that Kiko Mizuhara launched holds POP UP store "OK PLAZA" for a limited time in Shibuya PARCO. The shop of the mood slightly good old with few. bicycle stick which neon light blinks at in light blue and yellow, white pop azulejo is "OK" world fully opening. Works which friends and creators whom Kiko Mizuhara sympathized with of the world produced for this POP UP shop gathered in one place.

※POP UP store is finished now.

Theme "handicraft and art that are kind to the earth"

"We knew negative aspect of fashion business including the spot of manufacturing that did not consider environment and were not able to ignore such a problem when we made clothes. Kiko who thought simply because myself was in fashion business that environmental problem should be a chance to attract attention by cooperating with company and group which considered global environment, and held "OK PLAZA." We produced cardigan which she wore on that day with company, Nakano who recycled fiber. We hang clothes garbage which is not done to distribution of used clothing and overseas support supplies to machine and are confidence product which we knit with thread which depended into felt form by hand. "Fiber of various colors is mixed when we see well and is pretty. It was experimental approach until now as it was regenerated fiber which we had not made clothes.

Having a practised eye of fashion purchased,
Select item which thought about environment and contribution to society

Mesh bags which dyed bag and organic cotton which recommendation dismantled fleece of used clothing for child and made patchwork. Only as for the thing which kitschy item which hit the shelves was non-chemical material that article and environment that were reborn from discarded things by recycling and reuse did not have adverse effects and was able to make. Sales are used for T-shirt using "body of PBP cotton project" to make place to be able to learn from area that there is not of scholarship and school for support and children whom cotton farmhouse of India switches to organic farming to go to school.

We met from creator of friend in Instagram
To new star Aristrist, we develop limited product

"We called out to creator who caught eye in friend and Instagram which could share creativity with spirit of "OK". Kiko who had you produce item that in sasutinaburu and their mind were expressed in particular, and sold only in POP UP. Participation creator is all eight people. Motegi Monica (@monimogi) of photographer, ten Yoon nhan (@han_teng) of Aristrist from Taiwan, happy FAN pay you (@peiyuuuue), marando Bacchus (@marlandbackus), choker from NY which produced accessories and Yu (@jyuub) who knit, and made bag, Anna Watanabe (@massivecrush) of illustrator, Emma gyasupa (@ema_b_g), happy 99 (@happy99.online) participated.

It is lifework to learn environmental problem.
Know on seeing talks and movie with friend, as for the oneself intelligence

"We made T-shirt which we did not wear during self-restraint of corona tie-dyed dyeing. We tore that, and texture made carpet. Yuka made stuffed toy with the cloth (rare child). "There was sense that moment, life that fixed on stuffed toy seemed to dwell in and felt very dear. We were very glad that stuffed toy was sold out on the first day! We want to make more cute thing from now on (Yuka). Collecting information does not always neglect information exchange with friend by oneself regularly, too. Problem has good documentary to bring up says that work which we watch particularly remember is movie "the toe roux cost fast fashion true compensation". "It should be in message to which it gives for hand to let item of "OK" shift to thing which is kind to the earth little by little. Making thinks thing that there is little load in environment to be charenjingu than it is pleasant to explore form of new fashion and makes just cool thing.

To store where conscious Suweon sisters sympathize with manufacturing and approach for product which is such sasutinaburu in Shibuya PARCO. We report what kind of approach and product you found.

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