SHIBUYA PARCO NEWS-2020.12-vol.11

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SHIBUYA PARCO NEWS-2020.12-vol.11

It is genreless and sends POPUP and event of Shibuya PARCO, the seasonal information including the release planned limited product. For reference of outing and shopping of the weekend, we check the latest information of favorite shop from here!


It is the sixth prize star that there is for night when 4F PARCO MUSEUM TOKYO <art> "farthest tahi exhibition" we were born in order to follow this distance.

Movie, WEB, advertisement, music, art……We will hold "display of poetry" of up-and-coming modern poet, end tahi which sparked campaign for many new poetry.

We write poetry with smartphone, and place of work announcement of end tahi expressing modern feelings delicately and keenly does not remain on the Internet top let alone book either. This "display of poetry" is installation that reader walks around space where poetry was developed everywhere and experiences.
By end tahi that work is read in what there is in venue by you and prays for when want to have meaning for the first time is words "it is in poetry, just before that".
New encounter with words noticing sense that at words and the moment when own heart changes or eyes are reading unconsciously through experience in pursuit of them will be born.

We are going to add display work of new poetry at this exhibition.
In each venue, original goods do sale (the latest additional plan) in exhibition juxtaposition shop, too.

B1F GALLERY X <gallery> superexpress EXHIBITION "Superstar" @ Tokyo

Photo exhibition of the eighth anniversary of the superexpress CD debut
First-ever main dancer & back vocal group "superexpress" which continued attracting the audience in original view of the world and high entertainment characteristics, and reached the CD debut eighth anniversary this year.
In commemoration of the CD debut eighth anniversary, photo exhibition of superexpress "will hold superexpress EXHIBITION "Superstar" in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka.
This photo exhibition displays unscreened cuts of no audience delivery live held mainly on unscreened artwork of superexpress 19th single "Asayake" of the December 16 release to give glory to the last of the eighth anniversary of the CD debut on MV shooting scenery and making picture, off shot, June 10 on CD debut day and day of the eighth car and August 8 when it is.
We perform sale of original goods including ZINE which included unscreened artwork in commemoration of holding of photo exhibition abundantly in venue. In addition, we plan on-line photo exhibition holding and original goods sale.

1F The window <POP UP> Loro Piana POP UP STORE

Loro Piana opens popup store in Shibuya PARCO during period of Monday (holiday) for from Tuesday, December 8 to January 11.
We will develop indispensable item widely in season including jacket of cash fur which we add a little silk to knitwear and outer, cashmere using the world's best raw materials including cashmere and finished in texture such as fur in the future.
Furthermore, we will carry out embroidery service of initial to the finest feel and stole of cashmere which is popular for abundant color variations this season.
It is recommended to to present to irreplaceable important person and gift to oneself as gift coloring holiday season gorgeously.


Shop of accessories brand "SYKIA" (shikia) for a limited time.

We have silver and leather accessories which the cause of thought to want to bring short-lived healing and glitter in graceful, powerful women living in the present age with change of the times as inspiration source having been continued since the past produced abundantly.

We offer new product and WEB product sold out, wide product including select brand item in PARCO.

24 2F BRIDGE <POP UP> "extremely strange Christmas" Boutique

Stylist Itsuki Aizawa and mobile shop "24 Boutique" which jewelry designer RUKA deals with.
Period-limited shop is opened on Christmas by 2020/12/9-12/27 Shibuya PARCO.
Christmas ornament and goods which two people running through foreign countries purchased from all parts of the world are prepared!

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