SHIBUYA PARCO NEWS-2020.13-vol.12

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SHIBUYA PARCO NEWS-2020.13-vol.12

It is genreless and sends POPUP and event of Shibuya PARCO, the seasonal information including the release planned limited product. For reference of outing and shopping of the weekend, we check the latest information of favorite shop from here!


First plan exhibition "H.R.GIGER X SORAYAMA" that prodigy of two 4F PARCO MUSEUM TOKYO <art> includes

We hold "H.R. GIGER" (Hans Lew D Guy garfish) known as creature designer of movie "alien" in Swiss native place and joint exhibition "H.R.GIGER X SORAYAMA" of contemporary Aristrist "Hajime Sorayama" (sorayamahajime) known as "sexy robot" series.
In this exhibition, we make Mr. Alessio Ascali of kaleidoscope chief editor the cause, curator of art gallery NANZUKA direction of Shibuya, and picture and sculpture which "H.R. GIGER" and "Hajime Sorayama" each produced are displayed in one place.
In addition, "[email protected] H.R.GIGER 100% & 400%/1000% WHITE CHROME Ver./BLACK CHROME Ver." where [email protected] which the H.R.GIGER person produced during the lifetime was produced to base is released in addition to publication of commemorative book from kaleidoscope in venue by MEDICOM TOY.
Furthermore, the revival screening and display in 2G TOKYO (Shibuya PARCO 2F) perform the movie "world of DARK STAR H R Guy garfish" in WHITE CINE QUINTO (Shibuya PARCO 8F) as allied plan to holding of exhibition, too.

© 2020 by HR GIGER. All rights reserved.
[email protected] TM & © 2001-2020 MEDICOM TOY CORPORATION. All rights reserved.

B1F GALLERY X <art> Yokohama meteor calendar 2021 release memory photo exhibition​
"RYUSEI YOKOHAMA Photo Exhibition"​

Play defectiveness high school student part of, Kyohei Yuri who dyed hair in pink in drama "story to read for the first time on day when was in love" that appeared on in 2019 (TBS system); in topic. Afterwards "Yahoo! "It was your turn, and drama which won drama section prize of search award 2019, and became topic played the part of Shinobu Nikaido in - counterattack edition -" (Nippon Television system).
This product is evaluated and wins "Asian star Prize" in held "the 15th Seoul drama award" this year. This prize becomes receiving a prize in overseas award becoming first among oneself.​
Yokohama meteor (24) which wins "2020 Elan Dole prizes" rookie of the year title, "the 43rd Japan Academy Award" new face actor Prize, and continues making rapid progress.
We hold photo exhibition in commemoration of the release of "Yokohama meteor calendar 2021" becoming oneself the seventh work of the release on December 21.​
We interlace collecting cut of calendar and unscreened cut, and this photo exhibition displays shooting scenery making pictures, and photo exhibition-limited is with benefits, and "Yokohama meteor calendar 2021" is sold in venue, and original goods such as tote bag or mask case produced in commemoration of holding of photo exhibition are sold. We have a lot of Yokohama meteor connection goods released in the past. In addition, we plan on-line photo exhibition holding and sale of original goods.​
machiei KU tea (AVGVST) of photographer acts as shooting, and it is display that can thoroughly enjoy figure of various Yokohama meteors as well as luxurious calendar making to be able to enjoy "the sum" and two themes of "yo" with one book under the theme of "sum" and "yo".


It is modern, and we are particular about being refined design with minimal, and Epoi which is leather goods brand for adult woman who established own style has bag and leather accessory letting femininity in the inside of the woman having that become more attractive.

2F 2G <new product> "ARSHAM STUDIO" X "PORSCHE"

It releases collaboration item of <ARSHAM STUDIO X PORSCHE> by 2G.
Collaboration item of <ARSHAM RTUDIO X PORSCHE> comes close to Daniel ashamu
From illustration and engine of collaboration art work "Crystal Eroded Porsche 911" with Porsche to interior, it is lineup with a lot of items mainly on apparel that dropped graphic of "Porsche 930A" that exposed the inside of the body.

"B Yohji Yamamoto" starts in 2F Ground Y <new product> Ground Y Shibuya PARCO

In B YohjiYamamoto, it is collected silhouette with a feeling of simple relaxation and unisex style.

With 21SS Collection, studs and bonteji, chain or fastener smashing "established concept" from viewpoint of Antithese gain the favor of everywhere in detail which is bread quiche under the theme of "PUNK- punk", and element which is asymmetry and BIC silhouette and fusion, "One Gender" suggest originality of style that is air Lee in masukyurin symbolizing "Global Warming".

2F alexanderwang <new product> SS21 Resort Collection

Tote bag of form made inspire by bag of business that we took away.
Logo of alexanderwang is printed at the front desk,
Item which adjustable strap which becomes shawl from holdings is characterized by.
We put part of handle away inside and we roll up bag yoni for take-out and can use.

The first collaboration bag with 3F DENHAM <new product> "RAMIDUS"

The first collaboration with “ RAMIDUS “ which started based in Harajuku in 2019.
Special bag Collection consisting of six kinds suggests usable standard bag, good-quality bag matching every style every day.
Thin polyester cotton is bonded by nylon twill which there is a water-repellent effect in which teflon coating is made on. We show high waterproofness while being lightweight and cope with all weather.

We get rid of sewing with 3F FEMMENT <recommended product> hall garment specifications as much as possible and it is simple and sells three-dimensional mask which we finished.

Knit mask which is MINIMUM like attachment with crisp than men's brand [ATTACHMENT] comes up.
Design which it is easy to take in as fashion item.
Small face effect is a feeling of wearing of ant in in face line that there is little heat, and a feeling of fitting was refreshing well, too.
The use of repetition is possible by hand-washing.

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