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Time | with music to spend with person running out of Hama OKAMOTO INDUSTRIES (OKAMOTO'S) & miu University Union record SHIBUYA/QUATTRO LABO

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Time | with music to spend with person running out of Hama OKAMOTO INDUSTRIES (OKAMOTO'S) & miu University Union record SHIBUYA/QUATTRO LABO

Hama OKAMOTO INDUSTRIES which still stands in the front line of the music scene which passed from debut as bassist of OKAMOTO'S more than ten years. miu which is culture girl who continues digging various music regardless of the old and the new while playing an active part as fashion model. Musicomania that we are alone before being depicter together. "Date with music to enjoy in Shibuya PARCO" to regard as such them. It is two stores of record shop "union record SHIBUYA" and music cafe & bar "QUATTRO LABO" in B1F that became stage.

Ryutaro Izaki
Takakusagi Go (Vanites)
Hair&Make (miu)
Yuko Aika
Sota Nagashima

He/she thinks by going,
Special place that is unbearable for discomania

Two people who of course were good for the other store of union record until now, and went. "Union is special. Saying as only Tokyo had until before, thought that was special privilege of discomania of Tokyo; Hama. Enthusiastic glance only by two that what "it rises on stairs going back and forth in floor of Shinjuku store, and it rains and does likes, and "are good, are those stairs" and tsu as for Hama in opinion called" (laugh) of miu. Wall surface attracting eye conspicuously in B1F where meal and music and culture are mixed and confused speaking of Shibuya PARCO shop is mark. We are somewhat funny with kusu when we see well when all food and drink notice only with artwork of motif and excellent record that it was.

While digging record together,
Pleasure to find common point

Point that "union record SHIBUYA" deals with a lot of new music and prepares with all genres in a good balance is characteristic. Record of original BGM collecting that Keigo Oyamada (@corneliusofficial) of Cornelius wrote a new to celebrate Shibuya PARCO1 anniversary is attention product now. Jacket is design by Masakazu Kitayama (@ktymmasakazu). It swelled in story of Led Zeppelin and band to like including the who as common point that two people liked British rock together. It is way of enjoying only by record shop date that can swell by music discussion.

It is recommended to two people who are musicomania
Gift of record to yearn for partner, and to choose

In having you choose record which two people think to want you to listen each other. Hama it "is compilation of Japanese band of the 60s called "Big Lizard STOMP!" that I chose. We were edited in glance from foreign countries "where such a cool belt went bad in Japan" in the 90s. We did to hear miu listening to British rock of the 60-70 generation, and I used to listen at the age of around 20 years old well, too and did recommend as I found by chance. miu which actually heard with audition machine saying "is great, is cool!"; paste paste. It is new music called "AMERICAN HEAD" of "The Flaming Lips" that such miu chose. "We made advance order during self-restraint period of corona, and myself listened in house, too. We thought that we wanted you to listen as it was very good and chose.

Think that you are destined if you find.
Charm of record which memory remains together

We discover album called "MINGUS" of Joni Mitchell "who was going to buy Hama when intellect becomes able to go during self-restraint period to buy record" here. In the one act that miu pushes back to Hama that we are wondering whether to buy saying it is saying "we think that it is destined such" and purchases for own pocket well. "In what remain so that that thinks that we buy when we are with somebody" and Hama. As original items such as mask and cushion of union record original, smartphone ring are popular as gift other than the record in the shop, we want you to check by all means.

diskunion square logo cushion 4,620 yen, diskunion simple logo mask 1,100 yen, diskunion smartphone ring 1,980 yen ※All tax in union record SHIBUYA X Shibuya PARCO collaboration eco bag \4,180+tax
Shop name
Union record SHIBUYA
The handling item
New article, used analog record/goods
Phone number
Official site
Official SNS
Instagram: @diskunion
Twitter: @diskunion_news
Tax exemption
Business hours: 12:00-21:00
※Sunday/Holiday until 20:00.

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