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SHIBUYA PARCO 1st ANNIVERSARY | Attributive quality in commemoration of the first anniversary gathers. As for the installation of one-night stand

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SHIBUYA PARCO 1st ANNIVERSARY | Attributive quality in commemoration of the first anniversary gathers. As for the installation of one-night stand

Shibuya PARCO which reached the renewal first anniversary in this November. We worked together with legendary culture magazine "relax" to celebrate that and, titled "relax X SHIBUYA PARCO", released collaboration item with exhibition in PARCO MUSEUM TOKYO and popular brand. In addition, the release of limited product with popular brand in hall and precedent sale were performed in current anniversary, too. Digest introduces part.

※This event was finished on Friday, December 11.
※Publication product has possibility that it has been already sold out. Please contact each shop for the details.
※Photograph is thing of held complete invitation system event on Thursday, November 19. On the day we carry out thermometry, sterilization on entrance and we take off mask only in shutter and photograph.


Sachiko Saito
──── Warach Pattayanan
──── Koji Ueda
──── Wataru Fukaya
──── Kishomaru Shimamura
At entrance on the Koen-dori St. side, installation of Mr. JavierCalleja appears. Private exhibition "NO ART HERE was performed in 2F "2G TOKYO" inner "NANZUKA 2G", too". "[email protected] SHIBUYA PARCO 70%" of overall height about 50mm bundled with limited package are presented by the first 2,500 people.
※Only in the case of purchase, we distribute regulations amount of money or more now and are finished.


Retrospective show "wanna relax"

In commemoration of reissue of PARCO MUSEUM TOKYO1 anniversary and "relax", we hold retrospective show "wanna relax". We display the valuable original picture or file film, many novelties to exist by curation by former chief editor, Hitoshi Okamoto (@manincafe) of "relax" sent only to reader again at the time to all members. In "OUR FAVORITE SHOP 2020" derived from serialization which produced original goods at the time, special item only for this display comes up, too. We introduce rare many.

relax magazine formula Instagram (@relaxmag2020)

Kan Takagi (@kantakagi)/Keigo Oyamada (@corneliusofficial)

Design of cover which adopted work of domestic and foreign Aristrist which were one of the reasons to be said to be "magazine which was not thrown away." Photospace where we displayed 63 covers produced during about five years comes up. We restored sofa of "A BATHING APE®" which editorial department had in those days.

Signature that Eric Haze which visited Japan drew on furniture of relax editorial department. BACK NUMBER library
We install space that can read BACK NUMBER of "relax" where it is difficult to prepare now freely. Collector bulldog item and free paper that we do, and there is still much FAN are "approximately display in state of complete".
relax archives
We display with episode including artwork and photograph published in the space at the time.
Mark Gonzales original picture James Jarvis (@jamesjarvis)
Chris Johanson (@chrisjohansonart)
Todd James (@toddjamesreas)
(the left) UNDER COVER feature, cover/November, 2000
DELTA/Boris Tellegen (@boris_tellegen)
(the center) Shopping special feature issue, cover/January, 2004
Yoko Kawamoto (@kawamoto__yoko)
(the right) is North Europe? Technics SL-1200 feature, cover/September, 2002
Chris Johanson (@chrisjohansonart)
Kawachi hawk (@tkawachi) Susan Cianciolo
Multimedia artist playing an active part based in NY, picture in watercolors work by Susan chanchioro.
May, 2003 issue
"NEW WAVE wave." Collection of relax special episodes comprised of photograph of crowd of Honma Takashi.
Left _ Shingo Wakagi (@ swakwack)/right _ heiyataryo (@ tarohirano77) Tetsuya Chihara (@ thechihara) Shinada Yui (@yuis96)/morikuchi德* (@gqmoriguchi) "OUR FAVORITE SHOP 2020" in venue of this year is this. Special items collected for this exhibition form a line. In the top, past product, bottom are states of this "OUR FAVORITE SHOP". Cushion cover of relaxation boy and parttimer. It is called "JAPAN BLUE", and evaluation is high indigo dyeing of Japan in the world. Awa indigo plant (bubble matches) is known in particular while there is depth by lasting long as beautiful color. Cushion cover is asked for by Kenta Watanabe (@watanabes_japan) who is master of indigo dyeing of "Watanabe' s" impressed deeply with the special indigo.

"OUR FAVORITE SHOP 2020" by direction of Toshiko Nakajima comes up in venue. In original item produced for this exhibition, we lined up in limited cassette "relaxin' with PARCORNELIUS" which recorded arrangement ver. of BGM in hall by Cornelius, Keigo Oyamada in charge of BGM in hall of Shibuya PARCO. This is sound book which numbering of "relaxation library 014" was added to. In addition, as for the goods only for rare this exhibition not to be able to readily see including tote bag of Mr. graphic Aristrist VERDY (@verdy).
Paper bag of "PUEBCO" which stencil made artwork of Aristrist, Koichiro Takagi (@koichirotakagi).
Longus Reeve T-shirt which treated graphic which Mr. graphic designer ERIC ELMS (@elmselms) drew for this time.
Tableware of Tobe ware Umeyama kiln (@ baizangama) who garnished white porcelain device with different arabesque crest of expression one by one.
And we developed Lily dorayaki of Bunmeido which was the first item of OUR FAVORITE SHOP and a wide variety of goods.

We present past "relax" cover give away poster as the visitors privilege.
FUTURA2000 (@futuradosmil)(@futuralaboratories
JAMES JARVIS (@jamesjarvis)
GEOFF MCFETRIDGE (@mcfetridge)
Hitoshi Okamoto (@manincafe)/Toshiko Nakajima (@toshiko)
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