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Asami Usuda X GUCCI | New world across the space-time where GUCCI charms

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Asami Usuda X GUCCI | New world across the space-time where GUCCI charms

Asami Usuda who played an active part as actress/model visited luxury brand "GUCCI Shibuya PARCO" of Italy. In in this season up-and-coming collaboration item very much, smile is delivery unintentionally between the sky to overflow.

Hair & Make
Yuko Aika
Ai Suganuma
Natsume Horikoshi
Kokuhaku inc.

Collaboration <DORAEMON X GUCCI> that the world pays attention to

To celebrate popular character "Doraemon" who is 50 years from serialization start in 2020, Mr. Alessandro mikere of creative director designs special Collection which featured Doraemon. In GUCCI Shibuya PARCO, we display installation to celebrate birth of this Collection from January 20, 2021.

Tops \135,000+tax
Shoulder bag \131,000+tax
Skirt \135,000+tax
Pumps \95,000+tax

We insist on attractiveness boldly
Two popular person collaboration that continue being loved in the world

In mini-GG pattern and gorgeous flower pattern to symbolize GUCCI, Doraemon of cute expression prints. As for the collaboration of Doraemon and GUCCI which gain popularity as Japanese pop icon in the world, it is right Collection with full of senses of fun that popular people met. Usuda who says, "we are going to be proud of as daughter is Doraemon FAN" with smile. We compare one's height with huge Doraemon and are interested in display which reproduced door anywhere.


Flower print which stimulates woman's feelings
For wearing that is bold with printed on print

Saying "clothes like colored articles such as pink or orange"; Usuda. Doraemon who is innocent on flower print of vivid coloration that Topps whom such she wore is fascinated by anyone in instant is the lovely first place very. Let by motif of G being geometric, and combining with arranged skirt, sense that is mode dwell in characters coordination.


<DORAEMON X GUCCI> Mini-shoulder bag \127,000+tax ©Fujiko-Pro <DORAEMON X GUCCI> (the left) iPhone 11 cases \44,000+tax (the right) mini-wallet \50,000+tax ©Fujiko-Pro <DORAEMON X GUCCI> Lleyton sneakers \114,000+tax ©Fujiko-Pro
<DORAEMON X GUCCI> Zip around wallet \86,000+tax ©Fujiko-Pro

We are drawn to one of a kind
The latest collection that there is dignity of GUCCI

New work is bag, shoes, wear, diversity including Small leather goods. "GUCCI often wears in one of the longed-for brands on special day from the old days. Such GUCCI and Usuda who takes various collaboration item in hand while talking with feeling that collaboration with familiar Doraemon is slightly mysterious since it was small. Round shoulder drawn into smile of Doraemon is favorite. Of course we can enjoy in daily in gorgeous scene.

Sense of quality that we cannot hide to melt into the noise of Shibuya

Signature of GUCCI picked up in the upper part of the main entrance facing Koen-dori St. by backlight of red. When one step steps forward from entrance, display furniture of green bold color equals yellow and directs shop filled with fascination only by GUCCI. GUCCI Shibuya PARCO which can thoroughly enjoy view of the world of epilogue Collection in non-daily space in 2021. We want you to come by all means.

Shop name
Shibuya PARCO 1F
The handling item
Women/men/leather goods/jewelry
Phone number
Official site
Official SNS
Instagram: @gucci
Twitter: @gucci_jp
Tax exemption

Asami Usuda

October 17, 1984 birth, actress. It is appeared on and "we check me" "pumpkin and mayonnaise" "aerial female office worker diary" by movie. It is a lot of appearance including "woman selling house" "ansangu Cinderella" in drama.
Instagram (@asami_usuda)

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