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Asami Usuda X SIIILON The Six apartment | Different space boutique which increases for mind

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Asami Usuda X SIIILON The Six apartment | Different space boutique which increases for mind

Asami Usuda who played an active part as actress, model always visited favorite shop "SIIILON The Six apartment" by shopping and selection of gift. With lineup that we chose from wide category.

Hair & Make
Yuko Aika
Ai Suganuma
Natsume Horikoshi
Kokuhaku inc.

Unique presence to charm in material selected carefully

"SIIILON The Six apartment" which designer Oyui deals with presents "instant land" and item of limited vintage boutique "play closing" including shiron. We fully thoroughly enjoy item in refined shop drawn to charm of shiron.

FLOWER dress \ 70,000+tax
see-through dress \ 35,000+tax
INSTANT LAND headband \ 4,200+tax
INSTANT LAND scrunchie \ 3,500+tax

We are derived from the world of SIIILON
Special place where various products come and go

Shop of new sense that suggested style that was old nu that new work and Archive were mixed, and they equalled rack in addition to discerning used clothing. "shiron is acquainted with designer at exhibition or store and is brand which we love so that even private often goes to do shopping. As for choosing accessories and petty person with gift. We try on item in shop just recently while telling, we came to buy present to younger sister. 

INSTANT LAND ribbon barrette \ 5,000+tax

We spread weak afterimage
Skill in wearing of pastel color

It is ON with dress of Pastel pink to be transparent to flower dress which used original jacquard cloth luxuriously moderately. In impression that is romantic by design which ribbon was made on to lace and the cuffs and back treated abundantly. When, in pastel color tickling heart of girl, we reclaim wearing that is good to own style.

Adult Gurley-style tickling girl's mind

"View of the world to feel quality of child of woman whom we feel twinges whenever we wear is pretty and likes. Place to be able to meet oneself non-daily is charm of shiron. Repeat races, and just take in one point of hair accessories; of coordination accentuate. As for the flower dress which we wore this time, what we dress well to casual down to denim and T-shirt is good. We want you to check unique styling in Gurley by all means.

Shop name
SIIILON The Six apartment
Shibuya PARCO 3F
The handling item
Women/miscellaneous goods
Phone number
Formula brand site
Official SNS
Instagram: @siiilon_official
Tax exemption

Asami Usuda

October 17, 1984 birth, actress. It is appeared on and "we check me" "pumpkin and mayonnaise" "aerial female office worker diary" by movie. It is a lot of appearance including "woman selling house" "ansangu Cinderella" in drama.
Instagram (@asami_usuda)

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