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Asami Usuda X Meets by NADiff | Pro-evolution gallery & shop which stimulates sense

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Asami Usuda X Meets by NADiff | Pro-evolution gallery & shop which stimulates sense

Asami Usuda who likes art so as to have possibilities to go to gallery in families on holiday. New sense gallery & shop "Meets by NADiff" much-talked-about in such her having come. Sale of ZINE and goods, pretty new work sticker and can badge hit the shelves. We check work of great up-and-coming illustrator, Taro Uryu.

Hair & Make
Yuko Aika
Ai Suganuma
Natsume Horikoshi
Kokuhaku inc.

"Meets by NADiff" which produces encounters with new talent

Art select shop "Meets by NADiff" that works of artists taking next-generation culture form a line. Only not only goods sale, exhibition to introduce a certain characteristic Aristrist to is held regularly.

Each each STICKER \318+tax FRUIT button badges \ 455+taxZINE vol.7 CLEAR\909+taxFRUIT SOCKS\1,637+tax

Pro-evolution gallery to appeal to Gokan for

What held on that day new work exhibition "PANDA" of illustrator Taro Uryu. Display is replaced every 3-4 weeks and is spot giving opportunity to know much-talked-about Aristrist and work. We appreciate art casually while enjoying shopping in hall. The purchase of work which we liked is possible.

※We are finishing display now. (Taro Uryu "PANDA" @ Meets by NADiff 2021.01.06 [water] - 2021.01.24 [day]) display plans Hiromi Ando exhibition on the next time. Conceal print lace tote bag\12,800+tax

As for collaboration work with creator and the original item one after another

As "we have been not able to go to gallery casually as before, we can touch art after a long absence and are glad. A lot of works to know put, and there is individuality, and all works are beautiful. When we discovered mamuan, we have rushed up carelessly. Author of mamuan seems to be friend of Usuda, and figure photographing item joyfully is very lovely. Under sale popular in totohabaggu and renchikyuraposutokado of mamuan X NADiff original.

Canned ken kagami X NADiff original badge for each 500 yen - 600+tax (price varies according to types.)

We update usual shopping course
We suggest experience-based value of new stimulation and pleasure

By taking advantage of art information tank of NADiff performing bookstore specialized in art and museum shop administration, we develop product with high originality utilized sensibility of art to main shaft. Works displayed in shop are replaced every exhibition period and can get fresh stimulation whenever it comes.

Shop name
Meets by NADiff
Shibuya PARCO 4F
The handling item
Art miscellaneous goods
Phone number
Official site
Official SNS
Instagram: @meets_by_nadiff
Twitter: @ByNadiff
Tax exemption

Asami Usuda

October 17, 1984 birth, actress. It is appeared on and "we check me" "pumpkin and mayonnaise" "aerial female office worker diary" by movie. It is a lot of appearance including "woman selling house" "ansangu Cinderella" in drama.
Instagram (@asami_usuda)

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