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  • Kanoco X iki | We know possibility that color hides in the beauty that three colors weave of red, white, black

Kanoco X iki | We know possibility that color hides in the beauty that three colors weave of red, white, black

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Kanoco X iki | We know possibility that color hides in the beauty that three colors weave of red, white, black

Model to attract many people with charming smile, Kanoco. We collect much support for sense polished up and announce collaboration item with many brands so far. And it is popularity as both are sold out. Women brand "iki" (iki) that what such she chose as brand which wanted to do manufacturing together this time started in 2019. With Kanoco which was always FAN of brand to shop of iza Shibuya PARCO4F.

Kanoco collaboration item is now on sale here↓

Kotori Kawashima
Kaho Yamaguchi
Yoko Yoshikawa
Hiroko Shirasaki


Receive love from FAN and the staff on oneself
Rising brand which suggests just right MINIMUM clothes in now

Brand, iki which make feel of texture and good-quality sanikodawatte, simple clothes. As all Collection is deployed only with white, black, three colors of red, clothes of contrast that white is bright between the sky in clean shop of basic tone well shine. Secret that sizing and detail errand that fitted the present feeling exquisitely are seen in seems to be covered here although being basic.

The 120th Lamy deer Quan peace [margin] 17,800 yen, momme twill dot scarf 11,800 yen, cotton mock neck pullover 12,800 yen of Switzerland, cuprammonium twill dot wide pants 16,800 yen (all +tax) Cu/C dot print deer Quan peace \18,800+tax, cuprammonium wrinkle satin wide pants \15,000+tax Cu/C wrinkle lawn deer Quan peace \17,800+tax, satin triple washer easy tapered pants \15,000+tax

Kanoco and iki, each other's favorite things
Fatal collaboration that synchronized

It is always said that Kanoco saying that it was FAN of brand was attracted to three colors that are brand kolor of iki. In "everyday wear, we often make red accent color with lips on black clothes. This cannot but already have collaboration! We thought of this. On the other hand, adult woman who woman figure which iki raises has core, and knows "really good thing." This costarring was realized naturally to be attracted with Kanoco and iki, nature, and to come true.

※Publication image is thing of sample. There is possibility that is a little different from this product.

Red to give off black of dot print, pure white, refined luster
Let different charm dwell for each color

Silhouette that it declines straight to hem we repeat trial manufacture many times, and to have been born is beautiful <deer Quan peace>. We finally finished black, white, three colors of red while turning feel of texture and print of each color into base little by little. What Kanoco which participated in product plan requested very first "wants to make shikaku i dress!" dattanodatoka. "Image of clothes of iki is called straight line mark very much, or somehow graceful image encounter. We wanted to have simple clothes not to depend on excessive decoration for.

Simple beautility dwelled in what we aimed at
Linear dress without excessive decoration

The making of of the details and detail calculated up to a feeling of length exhaustively dwell in deer Quan peace. "In fact, it is 2WAY which is worn even if we face whichever anteroposterior. We wanted to show a feeling of beautiful omission by all means and were particular about form of sleeve till the last. Besides, invention for layered with length and pants of worn sleeve to snuggle up to daily coordinates including side slit which went perfect in a good balance was concentrated even in winter in everywhere and was finished to special dish to be able to put the leading role of wardrobe on if we put on underwear.

Kanoco collaboration item is now on sale here

Ornament which feels good-quality relaxation wear and sum.
Curious items assemble in full force in shop

A lot of items attracting interest of Kanoco line up in shop. We float carefree smile whenever we take one thing to be worried about including linen apron which there is big pocket in ornament, the front of Becaud and cat of impression that monochromatic coloration is Japanese modern, and daily trainer is easy to do as hand. Silk blend socks of relaxation wear series that it unfolds from last season to have stimulated worldly desires in particular. "We are impressed to be very soft! Time to spend in house seems to become happy. It was as large as life in whereabouts, and fashion feeling of Kanoco seems to have been completely met at home by full lineup of iki Shibuya PARCO shop which could spend time.

Raised silk socks \3,600+tax, 60 high density linen triple washer apron dress \16,800+tax

Deer Quan peace is now on sale with PARCO online. For more details, from this.

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Shibuya PARCO 4F
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Model. Fashion magazine "linen" "ONKUL", cover girls of lifestyle "OZmagazine" play an active part mainly on model activity with various women's magazines in catalogue, CM, advertisement, many divergences including MV appearance. As for a lot of collaboration item production with various brands those products in every time topic. Unparalleled white bear enthusiast.
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