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  • Kanoco X Discover Japan Lab. | We let traditional technique of Hizen Yoshida ware fuse for idea of living and make ideal container

Kanoco X Discover Japan Lab. | We let traditional technique of Hizen Yoshida ware fuse for idea of living and make ideal container

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Kanoco X Discover Japan Lab. | We let traditional technique of Hizen Yoshida ware fuse for idea of living and make ideal container

Kanoco of model that patsu and forelock which cuts, and was prepared are loved from all any people regardless of age or sex with friendly characters to icon. We worked together with "Discover Japan" of magazine this time and seemed to cook rice served in a bowl of she preference. We hurry to shop "Discover Japan Lab." (D cover Japan laboratory) located in Shibuya PARCO1F to look at container which was just completed.

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Kotori Kawashima
Kaho Yamaguchi
Yoko Yoshikawa
Hiroko Shirasaki


New sensitivity harmonizes with traditional grilled dish
Each individuality overlaps

Kanoco which account (rice @kanogohan) for exclusive use of dishes sends in Instagram, and is known as dishes enthusiast. Under the theme of "charm, rediscovery of Japan", it is said that we produced bowl with craftsman, tsujiyu (tsuji persuades) of earthenware brand "224porcelain" from Saga, Ureshino utilized technique of grilled Hizen Yoshida in cooperation with monthly "Discover Japan" introducing thing koto, place, people in various parts of Japan this time.

Kanoco X 224porcelain X Discover Japan "roundish" \5,800+tax

What we made use of in manufacturing
Thought that was born in casual living

We go to counter in at full speed when we enter shop. Saying "is glad that is finished splendidly!" in hand with completed bowl; satisfactory mind. "We put cover and were usable in 3WAY. As cover of bowl and small dish to pile spice and side dish served between the main courses then as saucer of bowl. We lost hill of container so that I did not have a loose when we used as saucer. We cook and eat rice and……That we condensed tightly and dropped idea born from daily experience that, Kanoco spent carefully into design.

Both weight and size are just right
Ideal bowl which snuggles up to messenger every day

Creativity of Kanoco dwells in irregularities of waterdrop adding accent to simple design. "Ureshino-shi, Saga where Hizen Yoshida ware is made is famous for Ureshinocha. When we were going to offer some design, it is so, we seem to put map sign of tea plantation. We look like dot print and are pretty when we arrange signs. In spite of being a feeling of size so as that caliber wraps up with both hands and spills a little, gerarehodo is smoothly light in durability in women. Cooking skill of Kanoco sounds saying it is saying "product wants to eat oyakodon when we use for the first time".

Kanoco collaboration item is now on sale here

It lights up feeling of people surviving the present age
Design full of humor

After having looked at finished bowl to the full, is big Dharma doll-shaped noisy cricket; test of luck. With color of small Shirakawa Dharma entering CAPSEL, feng shui-like implication seems to change. Fortune of curious Kanoco……Red of, anything and the great desire accomplishment! Smile of the whole face blooms for nice result unintentionally. Besides, large quality sake brewed from the finest rice, Dewa cherry blossoms of amabie label where we loaded with message to shoot, and to get over tray table and tissue box of woodwork that time becomes comfortable, the unstable times together crowd crowdedly in shop.

Work of product line "7/s" (seventh) of shichidaishibusoyanagizo which had individuality that varied in Shirakawa Dharma total main office darumikuji once 500 yen Dewa cherry blossoms University quality sake brewed from the finest rice amabie [720 ml] 1,400 yen, [300 ml] 580 yen (together +tax) one point one point.
Each bobo \15,000+tax

With tool cultivated by history and tradition
Luxury to enjoy secular variation

Table of big lacquering is placed in the center of shop, and curious products line on desk. Above all, cutting board attracting person border is thing of woodwork brand "ARTS CRAFT JAPAN" of Hida using domestic broadleaf tree including wild cherry tree of Gifu product production. It is said that Kanoco always uses cutting board of tree of two pieces of big things and small things habitually. As for "time, everyday dishes have a small big thing, fruit datokaochotto when they want to cut. When it is how many, or there is, it is convenience very much. We saw tools of living with warmth brought up by history with great interest while walking around the shop throughout.

<ARTS CRAFT JAPAN> Cutting board \2,400+tax ... <production place of tree and living> HOTA stool\38,000+tax ... <maru crafts> tray table [M] 70,000 yen, [L] 85,000 yen
Tissue case [sword type] 9,000 yen (all +tax)

Kanoco X 224porcelain X Discover Japan "roundish" is now on sale in PARCO ONLINE STORE.
For more details, from this.

Shop name
Discover Japan Lab.
Shibuya PARCO 1F
The handling item
Japanese culture/miscellaneous goods/sake
Phone number
Formula brand site
Official SNS
Instagram: @discoverjapan_lab
Twitter: @Discoverjp_Lab
Tax exemption
It is available in PARCO ONLINE STORE

■Kanoco wearing item
<iki> 30/1 air fraise high neck PO 01 Shiro 6,900 yen, PICCO both ridges hem print vest 20 black 11,000 yen, C/Pe okkusurongumameido SK 20 black 14,800 yen
(all +tax)
4F/iki <check it>


Model. Fashion magazine "linen" "ONKUL", cover girls of lifestyle "OZmagazine" play an active part mainly on model activity with various women's magazines in catalogue, CM, advertisement, many divergences including MV appearance. As for a lot of various brands and collaboration item production those products in every time topic. Unparalleled white bear enthusiast.
Instagram (@kanococo)

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