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Asami Usuda X DIOR BEAUTY SHIBUYA | The new place of dispatch which stimulates aesthetic curiosity

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Asami Usuda X DIOR BEAUTY SHIBUYA | The new place of dispatch which stimulates aesthetic curiosity

Asami Usuda who is playing an active part as model mainly on fashion magazine while we appear on movie and drama as actress. "DIOR BEAUTY SHIBUYA" that lip counter attracts eye in her having come. With Usuda, we check up-and-coming item and Shibuya PARCO-limited service this spring.

Hair & Make
Yuko Aika
Ai Suganuma
Natsume Horikoshi
Kokuhaku inc.

A time of supreme bliss that is given to be fragrant of Dior

Collection "maison Christian Dior" which suggests happy life that pleases Gokan with good-quality flavor, and was satisfied by flavor. Selectable flavor is all 22 kinds. It is development with flavor done inspire by flowers which there was all in the birthplace of Christian Dior.

We satisfy the life with happy flavor

LUCKY where meaning called lucky charm that flavor that Usuda chose on that day carried good luck was put. Of refreshing, clean lily of the valley reminding of BATH ROOM of resort hotel flavor raises feeling of happiness. "Sense that is wrapped up with flavor that heart is settled down to kindly softly twice whenever fragrant three times. It is simple, and refined bottle is wonderful, too. One which we want to give with gift. 

Each mezonkurisuchandioruoduparufan (the left) Lucky (the inside) GREE Dior (the right) horipioni \ 11,500+tax

It is indispensable this spring
Must-have-item hub item of Dior

The release planned spring Collection 2021 <pure glow> limited number of than Thursday, February 11. Inspire limitation color of done lip and eye shadow is appearance from cherry blossoms in full bloom coloring spring. "Dior is lip. Usuda who is interested in many lips which just put gorgeous, pretty package in the pouch, and were set on smart one item and counter. That not only design of package is high, but also, for collagen and capsaicin combination including ingredient derived from oceanic climate, sense that lips are fluffy instantly when we touch is addicted. We pay attention to attributive color raising spring feeling.

dioruadikutorippumakishimaiza 022 \ 3,700+tax sankukururukuchuru 849 \ 7,600+tax

DIOR BEAUTY SHIBUYA-limited service

In the shop, all genres of cosmetics gather in a hall from fragrance to makeup, skin care. There is section of fragrance Collection "maison Christian Dior" becoming first in Shibuya area and can experience deluxe flavor. In space that anyone buys lip for lip counter to nail eyes to and wants to align. Carved seal service only for Shibuya PARCO where the name is classified into to lip case and lapping service that we squeeze up to gift box are enriched. When the beauty that Dior suggests visits new boutique clogged up once.

Shop name
Shibuya PARCO 1F
The handling item
Phone number
Formula brand site
Official SNS
Twitter: @DiorBeautyJP
LINE: @ Dior beauty
Tax exemption

Asami Usuda

October 17, 1984 birth, actress. It is appeared on and "we check me" "pumpkin and mayonnaise" "aerial female office worker diary" by movie. It is a lot of appearance including "woman selling house" "ansangu Cinderella" in drama.
Instagram (@asami_usuda)

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