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  • SHIBUYA PARCO SS NEW LOOK "NIGHT PARTY" part.01 | Night when fashion and music cross.

SHIBUYA PARCO SS NEW LOOK "NIGHT PARTY" part.01 | Night when fashion and music cross.

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SHIBUYA PARCO SS NEW LOOK "NIGHT PARTY" part.01 | Night when fashion and music cross.

Shibuya PARCO which does not die out much-talked-about as news pot of Shibuya. In FASHION floor of 1F - 5F becoming the core, we hold "SHIBUYA PARCO SS NEW LOOK". On Friday, January 24 that became the first day, NIGHT PARTY was performed, and announcement and advance reservation of the latest item with brand, various topics including DJ event went up. We report all the details of NIGHT PARTY this time.

※Event is finished on Sunday, February 2.
Wataru Fukaya
──── Koji Ueda
──── Sachiko Saito
──── Warach Pattayanan





We display bonsai of (Teppei Kojima) of Matsubaya in 1F nakashibu street.

Takeshi Akimoto (@go_akimoto)
Toshihiro Takahashi (@discoverjapan)

Kotsu (@kotsu0830)

Flavor of citrus fruit system toasts by refreshing kuronemburugu 1664 buran.

ChloéC POP UP STORE (The window)

"POP-up boutique" which we featured to bag of "ChloéC" (the Chloe sea) which design which gave hardware was characterized by of "C" which is bold in square form. Opening until Tuesday, February 18 for a limited time. Only in friend of official LINE account of Chloé, we offer present of original mobile accessories when we have you arrive to popup boutique.

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

YSL National makeup Aristrist, state of make show of Mr. JO TAKAHASHI (@jo_takahashi1978).


ami (@salon_ami)

Shu uemura

"Shu uemura" which is popular carved seal service of lip. New works including "framing red Collection" which is popular fascinating tex tea form a line.


POP UP STORE of "MAD FRUITS" which terrible Ran Hayashi (@tondabayashiran) produces is open in "POP BY JUN". Kitchen car that hand-written character with calligraphy of terrible Ran Hayashi jumps into eyes. We sell oden and Japanese confectionery, stock quota.


We carry out order party of Archive collection of cross motif necklace of "AHKAH" only in period until Tuesday, February 18.

Living with a feeling of H.P.DECO art


Without "passing over in "chokomin party" which came back that is scheduled to be held on Friday for from Tuesday, February 4 to 14th!


Concept shop of pronoun "TANKER" (tanker) of PORTER series. Bright Indian orange including "PX tanker rucksack" of Shibuya PARCO shop limited sale attracts eye.

Shibuya PARCO does not remain only in fashion. In NIGHT PARTY of January 24, many people visited DJ party of one-night stand in 10F, ComMunE (@commune_shibuya_parco) hosted by WAVE (@wave_tokyo). Furthermore, in 9F "SUPER DOMMUNE", Darren Emerson (@darrenemersonmusic) comes up. At night of Shibuya where luxurious all gathered, we showed big turnout.

10F ComMunE
Presented by WAVE ※Invitation only

Captain Vinyl (DJ NORI+MURO)

dskedj (@dskedj) /MAYUDEPTH (@mayu_punkadelix/) DJ NORI (@norihisamaekawa) DJ MURO (@dj_muro) left _KENTACATS (@kentacats)
Louise Claire Wagner (@louise.claire.wagner) /Jump Jump Tokyo (@jumpjumptokyo)
Mao Mitsui (@mao_mitsui)) /KIKUNO KIKI (@kiki_sun))
Hayao Matsumura (@hayao_matsumura) /TOMMY/BOY (@tommy_okutomi)
Mana Hamada (@manahamada0222)
Emi Ozaki (@gggggw) /azusa iida (@azusa_iida_illustration)
MOMO (@mo.peachy) /Alan Sophie (@alansophie_)
Ryo Sato (@ryomad__)/AKIRA (@jbakira) /YUSUKE JOSHUA MINATO (@yusuke3710_)
UNO FUMI (@unofumi) /PELI (@peli4649)


Darren Emerson

Darren Emerson (@darrenemersonmusic)

We must keep an eye on Shibuya PARCO which will set various events in future. The first part introduces new work and Shibuya PARCO-limited items of up-and-coming fashion brand. We want you to check this article by all means.

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