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  • motora world Rina X MARC JACOBS | Shopping experience dreamlike in space that is "Heaven"

motora world Rina X MARC JACOBS | Shopping experience dreamlike in space that is "Heaven"

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motora world Rina X MARC JACOBS | Shopping experience dreamlike in space that is "Heaven"

"MARC JACOBS" that it opened in the second floor of Shibuya PARCO newly this spring that motora Serina that love call did not die out as model and actress from fashion business came. Other than "THE MARC JACOBS" which presented icon bag, we went to visit the shop where new line "Heaven by Marc Jacobs" which made its debut in 2020 was even on.

Masumi Ishida
Mika Iwata
Ai Yamaki


What we chose as fellow of fashion of this spring
Coat of cute "double head bear!"

motora Serina who wore new line "Heaven by Marc Jacobs" of MARC JACOBS in street chic. Coat that "double head bear" of icon motif was treated as for motora saying, "we always like casual style which worked of sense of fun" is inferior favorite. "We love view of the world that is catchy in pop of Heaven by Marc Jacobs. This coat wearing uses brown habitually in different colors today. As the latest coat matches dress and denim, it seems to be useful this spring!" "Double head bear" is that it is conversation piece and seems to be asked about "that by the circumference well with one of where".

Coat 51,700 yen, shirt 26,400 yen, T-shirt 12,100 yen, pants 36,300 yen, shoes 62,700 yen

Is totally like treasure hunt; can feel
Special special dish sneaks into found shop

Dynamic layout that shop which is strongly drawn into view of the world of brand when we set foot kept natural light and the height of the ceiling alive to the maximum is the highlight. The shop where new works line can totally enjoy shopping for sense such as treasure hunt. It is new work of bag "THE SNAPSHOT" where motif is Aiko Nic of double J that motora stretched out hand at the very beginning in shop saying "we are pretty!". Bag with full of senses of fun with hardware of "double J" of oversize to ambitious design using bold color blocking brushes up wearing. Blue and gray kolor which become gorgeous accent are matches in coat-style of this day. In addition, in shop, designs which had comics "peanut" and collaboration by Charles M Schultz of "THE SNAPSHOT" come up. Let alone item which is mode, we should be able to meet special dish meeting heart in store which the latest bag and shoes, petty person such as wallet coloring spring gathered.


It is cute, and heart is excited in pop space,
We enjoy view of the world of "Heaven by Marc Jacobs"

Neon sign of much-talked-about "double head bear" and life-sized "double head bear add to space of Heaven by Marc Jacobs as photospot, too". We can enjoy taking a ceremonial photograph relaxedly at photospot while beating fast with device which we are excited about. Happy wear Collection that we just wear that we made a grab at heart of motora in shop, and mood rises. "We love character that ancco (@ancccoo) creates. Therefore one of the items that I want "MUTANT BEARS BABY TEE." Besides, we are worried about set up of denim which print was garnished with. Feeling that can dress even separate well, and seems to play an active part in various scenes.

Yellow that is The air is full of spring calls in fortune,
Nylon back and fudi are with wish list

In corner of Heaven by Marc Jacobs, it is attention in suuettofudi which treated graphic reminding of utopia that designer of T-shirt that "double head bear" was printed and "Stray Rats" (@strayrats) dealt with. Besides, prepare color variations including bag series that did softly of heavy nylon material resisting dirt at light weight abundantly; and lineup. motora "nylon bag of yellow that airy silhouette is cute as for the curious item. We comment, he/she seems to update clothes just to take. Besides, as for the item to jump, must-see mind including necklace which is impakutibu where hair accessories which pop motif was garnished with and "Heaven" logo gets a lot of looks. Shibuya PARCO shop of MARC JACOBS fully equipped with to photospot that could enjoy shopping, and was instagrammable. Visit shop where dreamlike shopping experience that heart is satisfied comes true by all means this spring.

Shop name
Shibuya PARCO 2F
The handling item
Women/men/miscellaneous goods
Phone number
Official SNS
Instagram: @marcjacobsjapan
[store mail order possibility] If you like, please contact shop.

motora Serina chiekipurezento with signature

During period of from Tuesday, April 13, 2021 to Tuesday, April 27, we will hold present in Shibuya PARCO formula Instagram.

<application method>
① We respond in Instagram official account "@parco_shibuya_official"
② We click the like button on contribution targeted for motora Serina chiekipurezento of @parco_shibuya_official uploaded on April 13 with signature
③Click the like button Please comment on comment column of contribution that had you do.
From all of you who had you participate, we will present to five people by lot.
As we contact toward the election in DM, I would like follow of Shibuya PARCO formula Instagram @parco_shibuya_official (@parco_shibuya_official).

※As for the setting which, follow are off closed account, outside lottery object.
※We do application with one-off per person.
※Person having you already respond becomes lottery participation in clicking the like button in target contribution.
※Successful right assumes thing of the person of elected candidate and prohibits transfer (for all payment, free), realization to third party.

<successful announcement>
After fair selection, we contact only elected candidate by direct message of Instagram in around the beginning of May, 2021 and exchange with election with shipment of prize. In addition, shipment of prize plans the middle of May, 2021. Please note that you may be mixed up by circumstances to some extent.

※Address of prize is limited to Japan. By address, new address ignorance of customer, I may not send.
※After, the successful contact before date without reply to direct message of offer of information of addresses when there is not, election becomes invalid.
※Personal information having you provide from elected person will use only for successful information, prize shipment of this campaign.
※We do not accept inquiry about election reason at all.
※We prohibit act that act, we against act, purpose to interfere with operation of social media judge inappropriateness.
※This campaign has nothing to do with Facebook company Instagram entirely.
※Please note that you change without notice and may cancel this campaign.

motora world Rina

It was born in October 9, 1998. We are from Tokyo. We make our debut as model in magazine "soen" of January, 2015. Movie makes its debut by movie "girl encounter" released in 2018 and widens width of achievement as actress. Cinema ten-day report vest ten new face actress Prize is won by "title, refusal" open "call of wind" in 2020.
Instagram (@sereeeenam)

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