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  • SHIBUYA PARCO SS NEW LOOK "NIGHT PARTY" part.02 | Space where art and fashions gather.

SHIBUYA PARCO SS NEW LOOK "NIGHT PARTY" part.02 | Space where art and fashions gather.

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SHIBUYA PARCO SS NEW LOOK "NIGHT PARTY" part.02 | Space where art and fashions gather.

2F floor of Shibuya PARCO presenting art from mode fashion including world maison brand. In "SHIBUYA PARCO SS NEW LOOK" performed on Friday, January 24 NIGHT PARTY, it was full of many guests. Above all, attention "2G." We caught advance reservation item and spring latest Collection which launched on that day.

※Event is finished on Sunday, February 2.
Koji Ueda
──── Sachiko Saito
──── Wataru Fukaya
──── Warach Pattayanan



History of Ogi POGGY group (@poggytheman) /MIYAGI HIDETAKA (@miyagi_hidetaka)
The Tomonori Izumida (@izutatomonori)
Javier Calleja "Do Not Touch" lottery release. (@hajimesorayamaofficial) signature HAJIME SORAYAMA BASKETBALL of [email protected] SORAYAMA X Daniel Arsham Hajime Sorayama
sacai X Haroshi Limited Collection for 2G
In 2G NANZUKA, we hold collaboration exhibition "HARUMI' S WINTER" by Yamaguchi Harumi and Mr. YOSHIROTTEN.
History of Ogi POGGY group (@poggytheman)/Masashi Minamizuka /ROLA (@rolaofficial)
One Harumi Yamaguchi (@harumigals)/Hajime Sorayama (@hajimesorayamaofficial) /YOSHIROTTEN (@yohirotten)
Shinmyo (@2gtokyo)
Ryunosuke Uchida (@2gtokyo)


Coat for women' s <Shibuya PARCO limited sale> Blouson for women' s <Shibuya PARCO limited sale>


Kyohei Hattori (@kyoheihattori)/Tsukiyama Kyoka (@i_am_kyoka_yade) Erika Hawk Misaki (@lionlifts) /Naganoma Singer (@misakinaganoma/)


In the Shibuya PARCO shop, full-line such as shoes Collection is developed including "TOGA" men's "TOGA VIRILIS" pre-Collection "TOGA PULLA".


Left _k3 Shibuya PARCO Exclusive Item “ FACETASM X k3 TAPE CANVAS BAG FACETASM 20SS “
Right _G.V.G.V. Material trainer of the knit former materials who shoes of 20SS
right _ sasutinaburushuzuburando "NODO" do not use leather at all, and used 100% of recycling threads from plastic bottle is characteristic. We bring about legware of "SWEDISH STOCKINGS" which formed a line together from recycling cotton and develop by the manufacturing method that there is little environmental load.

Beautiful people

It unfolds as combine shop handling ladies' and men. We suggest collection in this season under the theme of "Side-C". Popular "tube knitting basketball" comes up last year in 2020 Summer.

OIL by art pocket notebook

Cafe dealing with direction in concept in "we want one hand to indulge in art with tea in "OIL by art pocket notebook" (@ oilbybt) to enjoy hanging scroll in room" "GEN GEN AN" (@gen2an) is juxtaposition.
When "art pocket notebook" BACK NUMBER forms a line in a part of product sales space, and collections of book and photographs form a line, we can enjoy reading between shopping.
Installation DIEGO "I'm looking at you."


The first complex shop of "ENFÖLD/någonstans."
Unique stool made with arcade game console yauntei, plastic hose is placed in interior design under the theme of "amusement place". The graphic arts in shop is thing by Mr. YOSHIROTTEN.

Ground Y

"It is announcement in collaboration with Kyosai Kawanabe - kawanabekyosai - "known as painting that plays an active part from the late Tokugawa period to the Meiji era, and is wide. In shop, caricature and caricature which expressed the view of the world spread. Season theme "Aerial- air rear roux."
Collection which took in white and fashion pink, aerial kolor including light blue lines up in a feeling of air, a feeling of shaking to be born between body and clothes of cloth.

We must keep an eye on spring new work items coming up one after another. We want you to look at item which came up this time for hand by all means at Shibuya PARCO store.

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