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  • Banri Ito bloom X CABANE de ZUCCa/k3 | Stylish yet practical clothes which reflected free individuality and sustainable mind.

Banri Ito bloom X CABANE de ZUCCa/k3 | Stylish yet practical clothes which reflected free individuality and sustainable mind.

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Banri Ito bloom X CABANE de ZUCCa/k3 | Stylish yet practical clothes which reflected free individuality and sustainable mind.

Itoman & Co., Ltd. Rika who is playing an active part in former member of Nogizaka46 as actress now. She who is familiar with fashion and art from the idol era, and shows talent as creator after group graduation. It holds 2 degrees exhibition in "GALLERY X" so far, and it is new in memory to have won favorable reception. We had you enjoy selection of clothes with her who attracted attention as culture icon in Shibuya PARCO where edge was deep now.

Teruo Horikoshi
Wakana Takahashi
Eimi Hayashi

Item which fits daily life pleasantly.
A certain unit-related material and coloration in spice

At first, to "CABANE de ZUCCa" setting up shop in Shibuya PARCO before renewal. Item which was compatible by beautility and the molding beauty in concept by "arrival at daily life adding spice to both person wearing and person to see pleasantly for days" is prepared. It is basic brand that material and coloration with impact continue being loved by charm inside by many people. Ito who is bashful saying, "in fact, this is the first time to enter shop." We took as one one way, and enthusiasm for fashion stayed in earnest look to choose to check.

As for the event to enliven art and culture with minimal in creative shop

Impression that the extensive shop seen in ladies' and men at the same time is minimal, and is clean. Joji Nagasaka of schema construction plan that what was in charge of interior deals with many famous shops including BLUE BOTTLE COFFEE. It becomes creative space that can rearrange oar of chromate plating depending on needs freely. In gallery space of shop innermost, we hold various plans exhibition. Until March 31, limited POP UP "LIVING" of "Taku Taku" (tac:tac) comes out.

Each dress \27,000+tax

One piece that tunic charmed by silhouette was sustainable material, and comfort pursued

"Feeling that likes showy color and cloth with patterns, but wants to calm down in this season. Pink tunic which it does not usually wear too much that Ito saying, it is simple and wants to wear good-quality thing wore. Refined translucency and A-line silhouette which shakes whenever we move are beautiful. We use eco-friendly tencel ™ for "the feel preeminence!" and cloth to praise highly. Faith of brand which not only comfort but also sustainability aims at is put. Tunic presents white & black in different colors.

Bag (S) \ 13,000+tax, (M) \ 16,000+tax

Icon bag which tickles sense of fun.
PVC material updates wearing

Icon "buckle bag" of brand which Ito fell in love with at first sight saying "we are pretty." Clear PVC material is the futuristic mood, and light what sense improves wearing. For accent that buckle design of the front desk is playful. From abundant color variations, Ito chooses white. "Gentle color taste is exquisiteness! We want to have to spring change of dress. With 2WAY specifications with shoulder strap, development at 2 size is nice, too.

Each le coq sportif sneakers LCS \16,000+tax

We cannot overlook limited collection that had "le coq sportif" and the first collaboration

While, at store, limited collection that had sports brand "le coq sportif" and collaboration unfolds. Neon kolor shows sneakers which we arranged logo for step with comment KOLOR of ZUCCa lightly. In addition, T-shirt and sweat shirt which impact that put ZUCCa logo together to chicken of icon is are audiences. As "we like Parker, we are worried about item which is such a relaxing. We put pleated skirts together and want to dress well chicly.

Shop name
Shibuya PARCO 4F
The handling item
The handling brand
Phone number
Official site
Official SNS
Instagram: @zucca_official
Tax exemption
FACETASM thermal dress \36,000+tax, thermal pants \42,000+tax
G.V.G.V. Sandals \31,000+tax

To select shop "k3."
We check brand "FACETASM" where a sense of humor shines in elaborate detail.

Having come next select shop "k3" of Ito favorite. Brand that sense of values that it is free to have shot her heart in shop and humorous design give off original presence, dress and pants of "FACETASM." Waving flare design produces dramatic expression. Though "it is dress, feeling of weakness such as house coat is unbearable! We show cute bright color of piping. As for the limited bag with full of street feelings that "shibuya" logo was garnished with in store. Check by all means.

<Shibuya PARCO-limited> FACETASM X k3 comment SHIBUYA tote (Small) \5,000+tax

From street to mode, we suggest mixed style for free idea

We select brand which is youth culture and high domestic and foreign INDEPENDENT of affinity with it is Shibuya PARCO shop becoming "k3" first unisex shop. Above all, "G.V.G.V." has a good reputation for style that let masukyurin coexist with feminine by abundant lineup. In addition, social including unisex shoes brand "Eytys" which Ito uses habitually is good, and item of new star brand to work on unfolds.

(the left) KNOWHOW natural clip silver \14,800+tax, (the right) boldface silver \14,800+tax, boldface link 18KGP\8,800+tax

Totally such as pierced earrings arrive; feeling.
Much-talked-about ear jewelry brand "KNOWHOW"

It is item of much-talked-about jewelry brand "KNOWHOW" between fasshonisuta that Ito was with shining eyes saying "we love jewelry here and have some!". We develop ear jewelry looking like pierced earrings, and arrive, and feeling gains popularity that design and stress that are contemporary are free. "Present feeling mixing gold with silver" and Ito who says to hoop other; sold, and enjoyed customization of design through charm.

In simple space unified in unvarnished wood by creators as for "being particular that do not get noticed at first sight"

Theme of interior "the sum." In the image of sushi bar and the town of Tokyo, it becomes space unified with unvarnished wood and concrete. We handled art object which "loaded, and came", and used o which Kengo Kuma of architect who jumped into eyes when we looked around the shop designed, and it was impromptu, and designer of brand "Carne Bollente" made in branch. There is rack which ranma sculpture of private properties of Kobayashi of k3 representative is used for in secret. As the unique highlight scatters in simple shop, go to visit by all means.

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Banri Ito bloom X Tachinomi BEERBOY | In the modern public bar which we can drink standing, it is full casually.

Shop name
Shibuya PARCO 2F
The handling item
The handling brand
Ashley Williams/Carne Bollente/Eytys/Facetasm/ G.V.G.V. /ifax!/k3&co./SWEET SKTBS
Phone number
Official site
Official SNS
Twitter: @k3_official_
Tax exemption

Banri Ito bloom

In 2011, we join Nogizaka46 as the first graduate member. We graduate from the group in December, 2017. It is moving into action as actress mainly on the stage and movie now. In addition, even fashion, art, culture showed talent and they mobilized higher than 30,000 and created a sensation in total with the oneself's first exhibition held in 2017 was "exhibition in brain of Banri Ito bloom". In January, 2020, we hold the second exhibition "HOMESICK" in Shibuya PARCO "GALLERY X".
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