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  • Banri Ito bloom X Tachinomi BEERBOY | In the modern public bar which we can drink standing, it is full casually.

Banri Ito bloom X Tachinomi BEERBOY | In the modern public bar which we can drink standing, it is full casually.

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Banri Ito bloom X Tachinomi BEERBOY | In the modern public bar which we can drink standing, it is full casually.

We want to drink after shopping quickly. Being in the mood, and being correct "Tachinomi BEERBOY" of B1F. Of "GALLERY X" that exhibition "HOMESICK" of Itoman & Co., Ltd. Rika was held is just a stone's throw, and "see ritsuin, and can enjoy rare craft beer and homemade sharikin with style" as there is in store's name. We had you talk about the present state of mind that finished exhibition while thoroughly enjoying menu of shop pride at place with contemplation. By the way, seeing is Ito called trying for the first time ritsuin. The as expected impression?

Teruo Horikoshi
Wakana Takahashi
Eimi Hayashi

Think via exhibition "HOMESICK". Shibuya PARCO "place that can have stimulation"

Ito having come "Tachinomi BEERBOY" of B1F. It is nearby shop of "GALLERY X" that her exhibition was held. "It became exhibition with sense of accomplishment very much. Shibuya PARCO can express oneself new and can come across wonderful clothes and. It is place that can get stimulation no matter how much it comes. Exhibition "HOMESICK" which performed direction by oneself is scheduled in Nagoya PARCO than March 31.

※Publication photograph is likely to have been held in Shibuya PARCO.

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Banri Ito bloom EXHIBITION "HOMESICK" Nagoya

We want to drop in casually alone
Public bar where features "kitori ranasa"

Neon signboard of mascot characters "beer boy" is mark. Frontage is large, and table and the shop that repeated beer cases consisting of counters are easy to enter alone. Stylish atmosphere lives together with comfort only in public bar. What see, and is replaced by style ritsuin from 16:00. Lunchtime-limited menu including "*々 Keema Curry" is handy with 500 yen. Regardless of the night and day, it is spot that wants to drop in casually after shopping.

(the left) <Shibuya PARCO-limited>, sharikimparuko 480 yen, is half pint 600 yen (the right) ※All tax in

Domestic and foreign craft beer is always ten kinds.
As for the Shibuya PARCO shop-limited rare drink

Craft beer which is drawing card menu always provides ten kinds. Half pint is glad of 480 yen ... and price range, too. "Zesty Lady" of half pint that Ito drank is Peer ale using hassaku orange and Iyo orange. Comfortable bitterness and sweet flavor spread. In "clear taste, we are good glub-glub". In "sharikin" of base, popular frozen kimmiya shochu. In "sharikimparuko" which can drink only here, refreshing acidity of blue apple is habit-forming. Do not think of in miyasusani; "is liquor in the this truth? ".

"Ham cutlet egg" which fried egg appeared in 580 yen

Liquor and affinity preeminence! Snacks that individuality of person spoon shines

Including recommendation today's as for the snacks menu as for about 40 articles. It is lineup becoming fun to choose. As for the thing that twist including "kimpira of bitter gourd" and "homemade duck prosciutto ham" worked let alone bar menu of stability such as "chilled tomato" and "potato salad." Above all, "delicious ...!" and "ham cutlet egg" which praised highly picked up fried egg on freshly-fried thick ham Ito, eat, and meet; distinguished one article. We reduced the contents of glass smoothly saying it was saying "liquor goes ahead through this!".

We see, and ritsuin is good to debut. Enjoy free time freely

Ito to often drink with friend in private noisily. "This time was naive, but was able to enjoy both one drink and standing bar without setting up mind as it was shop of bright atmosphere. nishippori like this has good that we drink. It is usually her of highball group, but looks an eye-opener in taste of craft beer. "It is easy to really drink! We want to challenge different type this time. On wall in shop as for the signature of sticker and Ito handwriting of HOMESICK. You come to shop by all means, and look for.

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Banri Ito bloom X CABANE de ZUCCa/k3 | Stylish yet practical clothes which reflected free individuality and sustainable mind.

Shop name
Tachinomi BEERBOY
Shibuya PARCO B1F
The handling item
See craft beer bar ritsuin; bar
Phone number
Official site
The number of seats
All seat standing: 36 seats
We accept reservation acceptance from after Sunday, December 1 and are going to start
Business hours: 11:00~23:30

Banri Ito bloom

In 2011, we join Nogizaka46 as the first graduate member. We graduate from the group in December, 2017. It is moving into action as actress mainly on the stage and movie now. In addition, even fashion, art, culture showed talent and they mobilized higher than 30,000 and created a sensation in total with the oneself's first exhibition held in 2017 was "exhibition in brain of Banri Ito bloom". In January, 2020, we hold the second exhibition "HOMESICK" in Shibuya PARCO "GALLERY X".
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