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  • It releases limited item of attention brand from popular select shop "st company".

It releases limited item of attention brand from popular select shop "st company".

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It releases limited item of attention brand from popular select shop "st company".

Select shop "st company" based in Kiryu-shi, Gunma. Popular shop where limited item and collaboration with domestic and foreign high-end brands often become topic appears on the first floor of Shibuya PARCO as 杮 last joke of POPUPSPACE "GATE" which is born.

7 brands which is popular regardless of home and abroad are lineups. In OPEN of November 22, we are planning outer others of ATON X Graphpaper, limited item only for st company.

ATON X Graphpaper for st company/AIR VENTILE BALMACAAN COAT \ 89,000+tax

Double name outer of ATON X Graphpaper

One article that densely interwove signature material of "ATON" which we made use of difference between nylon and thermal contraction rate of polyester and could enjoy with difference and texture of expression by environmental change. We play an active part as shield coat with high winterization if equipped with 100% woolen liner.

Left _ATON for st company/GARMENT DYE URAKE HOODIE \ 24,000+tax
Right _ATON X Graphpaper for st company/BACK SATIN COOK PANTS \ 36,000+tax

Comment kolor comes up in fudi of ATON.
It is styling in conjunction with cook pants of discerning material.

Being sold out appears one after another in every season, and st company-limited-colored burgundy kolor appears in fleece pile fudi of ATON with many repeaters, too. In addition, discerning one using double woven fabric material of wool 100% where cook pants of ATON X Graphpaper densely interwove. Realize a feeling of beautiful omission when you wore by all means.

(from the left sequentially)

Limited item of BUILDING BLOCK is bag Collection filled with sense of fun and senses.

From bag brand "BUILDING BLOCK" from LA, three points of bags which gave coloring and detail which are characteristic of minimal design come up. Only at opportunity these in what we can purchase any place other than the LA Head Office. By all means without passing over!

While, as well as item which we introduced this time, we plan comment items of release of limited item and "mister it." from Collection Harmonic Meditation of "COSMIC WONDER" in the fall and winter. Furthermore, BAG brand "AL- Orr" to start from from spring and summer in 2020 is st company Shibuya PARCO POP UP shop, and it is launch, the first announcement.

The details are this

@ stcompany_kiryu
@ stcompany_takasaki
@ stcompany_onlinestore

Shop name
st company
Phone number
The handling item
Women' s/Men' s
Official site

※Publication information becomes thing as of October 23.

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