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  • Yumi Nagao -Sister-/WHITE CINE QUINTO | It involves many people and, across genre, causes change. New challenge to woman support.

Yumi Nagao -Sister-/WHITE CINE QUINTO | It involves many people and, across genre, causes change. New challenge to woman support.

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Yumi Nagao -Sister-/WHITE CINE QUINTO | It involves many people and, across genre, causes change. New challenge to woman support.

Select boutique "Sister" which catches hot support since opening of 2008 from women. Yumi Nagao of director and buyer makes use of wide knowledge and aesthetic sense not to remain in fashion, and she realizes collaboration in many aspects. In addition, we sympathize with recent feminism and work on support of woman. Stimulating space where shop in Shoto reproduced the brain of such her. The world of "Sister" dealing with culture and social problem compositely will be shown in Shibuya PARCO.

Sachiko Saito
Eimi Hayashi

Boutique which enslaves sensitive women
POP UP of "Sister" is held in Shibuya PARCO

"Sister" which sets up road surface shop in quiet Shoto area. We develop designers and vintage item and, moreover, have selected books from collaboration goods and book label "twelvebooks" with film distribution company "UPLINK" to miscellaneous goods widely. Only as for the thing that the select feels "will" through filter of all Nagao. "Sister" with established style holds POP UP in Shibuya PARCO2F "GATE" until from 2 to 15 on March. It is 14 days when are full of plans such as precedent sale.

Sister x PORTER 5way shoulder bag [BLACK] \37,000+tax

Popular product which both design and functionality pursued
Collaboration bag with "PORTER" which is usable in 5way reproduces

One of the attention items of POP UP is collaboration bag with "PORTER". It is always recreation of "5way shoulder bag" of favorable reception. If regulate the length of chain belt and the leather belt, take shawl, slant, holdings, comfort that, moreover, it is on WEST pouch and clutch. There is sense of quality for LOGO by leather finish. "Storing power that the best feelings enter breast wallet although being compact. As myself was breast wallet user, it was point not to be able to exclude. We recommend with confidence.

Shoes of Pauline Sweatshirt\16,000 - \22,000+tax ANCUTA SARCA UPCYCLED HANDMADE. (the left) RED & WHITE TOUNGUE KITTEN HEELS\85,000+tax, (the center) ANCUTA SARCA UPCYCLED HANDMADE RED & PINK UPPER KITTEN HEELS\95,000+tax

Sweat shirt of woman celebrities with embroidery
Sale precedent up new star brand of cycling

We lead and, in POP UP, sell new brand which we stocked with original antenna. From from Canada "Pauline", portrait sweat shirt of woman celebrities whom Nagao loves and respects with embroidery comes up. It is a feeling of craft drifting conversation piece. A part of the sales is donated to woman support group. In addition, shoes which upload yuzudosunika of NIKE by hand from "ANCUTA SARCA" which designer from Romania deals with, and cycled come out. As you are in a limited quantity, check by all means at store.

Discerning item which was pulled which lets FAN howl

As for the item of enthusiast suiyodari including goods which featured movie "the garden" of Director Derek Jarman other than the precedent sale and collaboration T-shirt with German fashion magazine "Tissue Magazine." Other than the apparel, delicate painting sells container of beautiful Imari ceramic ware. It is special dish which Nagao selected from container shop "container marukaku" of Shinsen. "Teacup which we treat customer to tea at store of Sister of Shoto, but use on this occasion is Imari ceramic ware. There was such a background, too and decided sale.

We sell book which we focused on woman in POP UP.
We send feminism through art

"Sister" which we continue trying which is new in order to support empowerment of woman. Choice writes art book which focused on woman artist as some activities from "twelvebooks" in POP UP and sells. It is approach like Nagao who is familiar with movie and art. "Documentary "RBG best 85 years old" of Judge American Supreme Court woman Ruth Ginsburg that recommended movie tried for right development of woman and minority. I became strong in thought that we wanted to contribute to for woman with hope after the independence, too. Movie and book are plans that began in the wake of hobby, but are glad if it is a chance to have you be interested in feminism.

"FEMHOOD" made for international ladies' day TEE. 10% of sales are donated to woman support group.
Shop name
Sister (BRIDGE)
Shibuya PARCO 2F
The handling item
Women/miscellaneous goods
Phone number
Official site
Official SNS
Instagram: @sister_tokyo

Place that can come across various culture

Of "my style as for the movie origin" and Nagao who promises. A lot of private properties about movie are employed in store of Shoto and become important factor to build view of the world of "Sister". Point where girlfriend of core film buff went to "WHITE CINE QUINTO" at 8F of Shibuya PARCO. We show culture-colored strong high quality work and perform plan more than frames of movie theater including collaboration with fashion brand. Posture to challenge new thing is resonant with Esprit of "Sister" without getting snagged on genre.

We appreciate movie comfortably in spacious seat
Drop in at shopping return casually

Seat space is large, and theater of "WHITE CINE QUINTO" is comfortable. As F line in particular can lengthen leg with all one's might, we are popular. Two elbow rests are prepared for by each seat, and it is glad that stress is free. Nagao who continues going before renewal talks in this way. It "is the powerful charm of movie theater that can taste real atmosphere. We go to visit theater and do that we watch favorite work when it is blissful. "WHITE CINE QUINTO" with experience to be provided only there. The curious latest information is official site; check.

As for satisfying foods & drink menu, the advantageous service that wants to go many times

We pay attention to something foods and drink menu of "WHITE CINE QUINTO". It is craft beer and flavor popcorn, lineup with slightly luxurious feeling including gelato. Package is stylish, too and seems to enliven movie viewing. In addition, we can receive discount and advantageous service when we show stub of movie in restaurant in Shibuya PARCO. Following once is distributing stamp card becoming free four times when we watch. We come to venue and want you to thoroughly enjoy deep time.

Shop name
Shibuya PARCO 8F
The handling item
Phone number
Official site
Official SNS
Twitter: @whitecinequinto
Business hours: It follows in running time

Yumi Nagao

Director of select shop "Sister" and buyer. Domestic and foreign designer's brands and vintage items are selected by the women center. We have a profound knowledge of not only fashion but also movie and art and we make use of wide knowledge and aesthetic sense and develop collaboration in many aspects. In late years we work on support of woman positively. We become independent in 2018. It reopens "Sister" in Shoto, Shibuya-ku in July of the year.
Instagram (@yummybrain)

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