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  • "Shibuya PARCO" which is reborn. It has just begun to this which moved forward with culture.

"Shibuya PARCO" which is reborn. It has just begun to this which moved forward with culture.

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"Shibuya PARCO" which is reborn. It has just begun to this which moved forward with culture.

Shibuya PARCO which makes its grand opening on November 22. It comes back to Koen-dori St. of Shibuya after suspension of business accompanied with rebuilding construction of about three years from opening of business, 2016 in 1973. We will read the history that sent step, culture with cityscape of Shibuya going to change.

In 1973, we practice medicine in Koen-dori St. (: Kuyakusho-dori St.).
The place of dispatch of new culture to coexist with town of Shibuya.

Advertisement catch phrase at the time of the Shibuya PARCO opening of business "... Shibuya Koen-dori St. - that person passing each other is beautiful." Only as place of shopping, consumers of the new times matched with town of Shibuya who gathered and wrestled for environment maintenance of town. We plant beautiful streetlight, roadside tree and flower in imitation of lily of the valley of Shibuya, Koen-dori St. and we make even telephone booth smartly and change. The making of town which fixed its eyes on the times when admiration and thought for European and American lifestyle greatly changed Japanese sense of values attracted many youths in Shibuya, Koen-dori St.

It is museum and gallery space in theater.
In existence to support achievement of new star creator.

It was rare in commercial facilities at the time and performed work display of creators who played an active part in the time including designer and Aristrist positively. In 1973, we opened "Seibu Theater" (the existing PARCO THEATER) with the opening of business of Shibuya PARCO and staged many popular works as pioneer of produce performance. As utility room presenting picture, performance, exhibition in 1986 "space Part 3" is OPEN. PARCO gallery, base of museum are born afterwards. Satellite studio "Shibuya Spain slope studio" of TOKYO FM is born live house "Shibuya club Quattro" in 1993 in 1988. And movie theater "Sine quint" which pulled mini theater boom in 1999 did OPEN and showed work that it was individual and had a high quality for all genres. Shibuya PARCO which supported art, music, drama and culture of various Shibuya. On November 22, 2019, we will be reborn newly.


On November 22, 2019, mini theater "WHITE CINE QUINTO" is born in new life, Shibuya PARCO.

Mini theater "WHITE CINE QUINTO" makes its debut in 8F of new life, Shibuya PARCO. These facilities prospective as place of encounter with new culture more than frames of movie. The opening work is documentary film "Yayoi Kusama ∞ INFINITY" of Yayoi Kusama. It is New York of the 1960s, Shibuya PARCO and high work of affinity which continue fictionization alone, and continued supporting activity at the dawn of flower opened Kusama and Japanese new star creator.

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PARCO THEATER REBORN! From January 24, 2020 gala opening!

Similarly "PARCO THEATER" to open in 8F. 636 seats of PREMIUM theaters in succession to stage of old theater and a sense of unity with seat are born. We plan opening series performance of all 14 works from March 13 to make its grand opening following gala opening of "ho in PARCO taking its ease of will" which repeated presentation from 1996 and reading drama "ravu letters" to invite the 30th anniversary to next year.

In addition, gallery space "GALLERY X BY PARCO" (B1F) and first attempt and gallery type shop doing transference OPEN from Shibuya Spain slope where it is cannot overlook. We want you to make sure with step of new Shibuya PARCO.

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