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  • Nagisa Kaneko X THE LITTLE BAR OF FLOWERS/chompoo | For the end working during break. Shibuya PARCO as oasis for people working in Shibuya.

Nagisa Kaneko X THE LITTLE BAR OF FLOWERS/chompoo | For the end working during break. Shibuya PARCO as oasis for people working in Shibuya.

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Nagisa Kaneko X THE LITTLE BAR OF FLOWERS/chompoo | For the end working during break. Shibuya PARCO as oasis for people working in Shibuya.

Nagisa Kaneko who holds nail salon "DISCO" (@disco_tokyo) and jewelry shop "MAIDEN" where oneself and partner act as direction (@maiden_official) on behalf of Shibuya earlier who passed through Koen-dori St. By overwhelming sense and openhearted, warm personality, there are many people influenced by way of thinking and lifestyle of her own let alone creation. There seems to be favorite shop to be able to stop at for neighborhood sense quickly from shop of such Kaneko in Shibuya PARCO located to the distance for approximately two or three minutes on foot.

Sayo Nagase

By rare cross-fertilization called the flower shop X wine stands
In existence to snuggle up to adult day and night

Road surface shop facing the organ slope which cannot readily notice that we go only round the halls in the existence. The small shop such as hideout is filled with colorful seasonal flowers, as for the offer of cake and drink by "restaurant eatrip" (@restaurant_eatrip). And counter appears in substitution for flowers which were the leading role in the daytime and transforms ourselves into the wine stands when it is 19:00. He/she drains when we bring record, and it is in space to be able to enjoy satisfying time alone when recommended book is placed.

It was filled with flowers in glass window
Thai knee shop such as hideout

As "originally we bought flower well in THE LITTLE SHOP FLOWERS of sisters shop, there is in neighborhood and is really glad. We can stop by quickly because it is road surface shop on the corner, and location is good, too, and there is feeling, and a feeling of cozy size is particularly wonderful, too. Saying come well to look for plant to put in DISCO; Kaneko. Special space that overflowed in warmth so as that "tripster" (@ tripsters_inc) dealt with interior in the shop where breath of flower was felt over glass and forgot the noise of Shibuya. Reception of dyeing with vegetable dyes to cover ceiling for gradation is the best part.

It is indispensable to the making of shop and home space
Flowers which are full of flavor including "orchid" and "oncidium"

The arrival of flower is usually Monday and Friday. As for stocking before event including Mother's Day on Wednesday. In coming season, sunflower and gentian, hydrangea are of type richness. We can purchase from one of them, and select that focused on good durability let alone seemliness is popular. Kaneko whom environment among nature is settled down to. "We like displaying branch thing at big vase. As height appears, and is easy to do the making of space, in shop, often choose as home use;. When visit is difficult, we can order delivery service that bundled wine and sweets with flower.

We present cake and tea with flower.
With heartfelt presents together

"Canned sum feeling" of limited number of sale clogged up with true cookies or meringue of soba was sold out in the early afternoon on day of this coverage. It begins to cake representing "eatrip" on shelf in shop, and foods which face of people to give floats line up to granola or herb tea. "Cookies are delicious, and package is pretty, too and is good to present. We are always worried about herb tea or lemon pickled in honey, too. Want to go to be taking a break as tea and coffee can play the takeout, and to buy;.

Canned sum feeling \3,300+tax

The wine stands which want to drop in sometime.
Organic nachuruwain one cup

The wine stands which are open until from 19:00 to 24:00 say that, in fact, it is spot to be worried about most now of Kaneko. "People are full, and, during return, drink wine happily even if you peep out whenever. We talk with the staff of shop when we want to enter sometime. As for the select by the staff of the wine stands, domestic and foreign station wagon nachuruwain is main. "Organic system may feel like not remaining on the next day. As you seem to be able to buy even bottle, shall we take at the time of house party?.

Shop name
Shibuya PARCO 1F
The handling item
Flower arrangement/miscellaneous goods/bar (irregular)
Phone number
Official site
Official SNS
Instagram: @thelittleshopofflowers
Twitter: @THE_LITTLE_

New form of ethnic restaurant.
Cooking to affect the five senses in refined space in Thailand

"chompoo" which Thai dishes that it used fresh herb abundantly to have come next can taste. Simple space where work of Aristrist accentuated not atmosphere of so-called Asian restaurant with two glass casually in the shop with open feeling. Feelings of forest branch chef to "have you feel comfort such as New York and ethnic restaurant in Sydney" are jam-packed. Other than standard Thai dishes, we develop enthusiastic one dish and monthly menu not to be able to see very much in Tokyo.

"We can taste even eyes"
Local foods which are full of colors to be able to come across only here

Original "green curry" that type-rich lunch mixes with "gapaoraisu" from spice is popular. "kaoyamu" (salad rice) and "pink noodle" using rouge ricemalt which today's provide which Rice of butterfly P shines in as for the menu pigeon with many ordering again in chompoo Nara. But "approximately six kinds of lunch menus conquered above all "pink noodle" as for the favorite. After tom yum goong-style acidity, soup feeling hotness such as kimchi is addicted"

Today's lunch menu \1,320+tax
Takeout menu \880+tax

Ingredients choice of the one and only by forest branch chef
Delicate seasoning thoroughly enjoys in night course

Kaneko who just visited "Salmon&Trout" which forest branch chef served in the past recently. We laugh saying it is saying "we are interested all the time and we were able to go this year, but, in fact, were able to finally taste dishes of Morieda in such a neighborhood". Though ingredients to treat have impact, they are surprised by delicate seasoning that overturns the concept when we eat. Forest branch chef valuing unlikelihood begins various challenges including event with overseas foods director and collaboration with dishes of country except Thailand in chompoo. Saying "please come to night course recently as adopt various invention"; chef forest branch.

Cafe menu and takeout are fulfilling, too.
It is right savior of foods refugees of Shibuya

"We always buy lunch and do Uber and it is what, but thinks that we will certainly go to chompoo in future. Saying it is saved to sell lunch of takeout daylong; Kaneko. On fine day, it is recommended in the roof of Shibuya PARCO to taste lunch box with picnic sense. It keeps lineup of dessert matching spiced tea and herb tea in variation richness from 15:00 after lunchtime. When, by way of small break of shopping, we spend teatime in stylish space.

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Shop name
Shibuya PARCO 4F
The handling item
Thai dishes
Phone number
Official SNS
Instagram: @chompoo_shibuya

Nagisa Kaneko

Shibuya, owner nail specialist of nail salon "DISCO" of Jinnan who reached the tenth anniversary last year. Existence of central figure who sublimated to genre of art with nail more than limit to color tiptoe. We act as direction of nail with many fashion magazines. We start jewelry brand "MAIDEN" in 2012 with partner. Face called mother of 2 children lasts in private, too.
Instagram (@nagisakaneko)

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