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  • Nagisa Kaneko X Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | In Japan in the world. Beauty spot where was clogged up with "limitation only for here."

Nagisa Kaneko X Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | In Japan in the world. Beauty spot where was clogged up with "limitation only for here."

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Nagisa Kaneko X Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | In Japan in the world. Beauty spot where was clogged up with "limitation only for here."

Nail salon "DISCO" where sensitive people go to frequently regardless of home and abroad (@disco_tokyo). There are many people looking forward to the time for chattering about fashion and beauty, lifestyle with owner Nagisa Kaneko in customer. Kaneko attracting the highest trendy information necessarily is beauty enthusiast accepting own others together. We visited "Yves Saint Laurent Beauté" which gave off presence on the first floor of such her and Shibuya PARCO and had you try item worried about.

Sayo Nagase

Resonance of beauty and culture.
"Music" only in the world is shop of theme

Neon which modelled lip sparkles in store, and red orchid way continues straight from make room harking back to backstage. Wall surface in imitation of speaker is painted with with crimson enamel, in the depths space such as something or other recording studio. "Yves Saint Laurent Beauté" of Shibuya PARCO can catch various services in the only concept shop which featured the theme of music. As for the carved seal of guitar motif of lip, PARCO is limited to Shibuya. If Shibuya PARCO is limited store to include, in the case of fragrance, we seem to be able to carve a seal.

We wore Collection in season of "Yves Saint Laurent"
Limited compact which emits gorgeous light

At first, it is limited package of cushion foundation "Ann Kurd Paul cushion collector" of attention that Kaneko picked up. We remind of summer couture Collection in the "Yves Saint Laurent" which textile that lam glistens with orchid way and jet black of light attracted attention of all over the world spring of 2020. "Tension rises just that brightness is expressed as fortitude of woman like brand and has". We try new work lip "rujuvoryuputerokkushain" to be able to enjoy dazzling glitter.

Ann Kurd Paul cushion collector \7,500+tax
rujuvoryuputerokkushain \4,300+tax
momparikuchuruodeparufamu \12,500+tax

Skin care line "pure shot."
We are conscious of sasutinaburu while aging, and caring

Skin care line "pure shot" that we drew power that plant has in science to the maximum is series that "Yves Saint Laurent Beauté" suggests as one step newly of the beginning of aging care. Above all, it becomes topic among beauty men of intelligence when liquid cosmetics "pure shot night Ceram" for night is impressed by with detail of translucency and texture of the next morning. Kaneko is interested saying it is saying "idea that is sasutinaburu which the contents become refill and can change is wonderful".

Pure shot night Ceram \10,500+tax, refill \9,000+tax

We try curious color in touch panel.
"Lip finder"

Several panels are installed in cosmetic counter and can experience the highest technique to be able to try color line nap with own lips which appeared in screen when we choose type of lip. When ask lip of YSL which usually use habitually to Kaneko; pro-beige answer with the 29th of "tatowajukuchuru." As "it is liquid which turns into feel of a material that is mat if we put, it is easy to paint, and skin familiarity is good, too. Lip often chooses orange system and brown recently. We quarrel with hair color when too bright" (laugh)

tatowajukuchuru \4,300+tax

Of Shibuya PARCO-limited where buyer is glad
Photoprint service

Recording studio-style space in the depths of shop. In fact, it becomes secret small room that only person who purchased products can enjoy. Cosmetic counter is placed before sofa when we enter inside, and art book of "Yves Saint Laurent" is displayed on wall. And in front camera…? "Photograph seems to come out what here. It came out with photographer, Sayo Nagase (@say0ngs) of friend who photographed this time with much effort. We did not know that there was such a special privilege!" .

Shop name
Yves Saint Laurent Beauté
Shibuya PARCO 1F
The handling item
Phone number
Tax exemption

Nagisa Kaneko

Shibuya, owner nail specialist of nail salon "DISCO" of Jinnan who reached the tenth anniversary last year. Existence of central figure who sublimated to genre of art with nail more than limit to color tiptoe. We act as direction of nail with many fashion magazines. We start jewelry brand "MAIDEN" in 2012 with partner. Face called mother of 2 children lasts in private, too.
Instagram (@nagisakaneko)

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