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SUPER DOMMUNE | Sound -GEZAN, COMPUMA, Mars89, JUN TAKAHASHI (UNDERCOVER) where he/she makes use of heart of - us in

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SUPER DOMMUNE | Sound -GEZAN, COMPUMA, Mars89, JUN TAKAHASHI (UNDERCOVER) where he/she makes use of heart of - us in

First Japanese live streaming studio "DOMMUNE" which let you open as dispatch base of new culture where Naohiro Ukawa fixed his eyes on the times of social stream after the one of "Mixrooffice" which became legend global now in 2010.

Various guests appear at every visit to Japan from all the countries of the world, and, since opening of an office, programs which we delivered for nine years exceed/150 terra, total viewership 100 million to date for about 4,000 program/about 7,000 hours. We affect music channel "BOILER ROOM" based in London, and "DOMMUNE" is in charge of Japanese branch office of "BOILER ROOM TOKYO".

We assumed the opening of an office tenth anniversary Chapter 2 and fixed our eyes on the future with the most vanguard technology and started evolution form "SUPER DOMMUNE" of final media "DOMMUNE" in creative studio of Shibuya PARCO9F from November, 2020.

We explore that there is for continuation and development every day that "SUPER DOMMUNE" is doing the venue closure for prevention of new coronavirus infection spread and does not run out of culture in state that removed risk of outbreaks including live streaming in no audiences and are continuing sending now.

"SUPER DOMMUNE" no audience delivery

March 27, 2020

Signature project of "#SaveOurSpace" - - "subsidization plan for new coronavirus infection spread prevention for the culture facilities closure", it was started.

Paralysis toe the P POE (GEZAN), COMPUMA, Takahashi shield (UNDERCOVER), much Aristrist and music people concerned including Naohiro Ukawa (DOMMUNE) approve of DJ NOBU, Yu Suganami (Live Haus), Shinoda mill, Lark Chillout, Mars89, agreement person to promoter.

We aimed for collecting signatures of 100,000 brushes at first, but 300,000 brushes or more gathered as of March 31 and performed on-line press conference on the same day in "SUPER DOMMUNE". We delivered conventional process, club, live house, theater, the current situation of Aristrist, demand to the government, introduction of voice of agreement person.

We released "#SaveOurSpace" press conference Archive picture

March to have white snow and cherry blossoms coming at the same time.

Words that Mr. paralysis toe the P POE (GEZAN) spelled in SNS did heart warmly.

"How to use power does not understand without wanting to do it, but there being what to oneself, or it being revealed what it is.
Such people will give ideas.
Another person is enough again if we do not like my thing. We let much correctness exist without becoming one forcibly and go over this storm with former solidarity assuming unit.

We will see cherry blossoms by all means next year."

January 29, 2020

In "SUPER DOMMUNE" before the closure, 5th ALBUM "kyo (KLUE)" of GEZAN release commemorative party was still held. We show collaboration LIVE with dabuenjinia Naoyuki Uchida in charge of photograph and REC of photographer Isamitsu Yokosuka. MARS89 which released 12inch from COMPUMA with commentary of "kyo (KLUE)" as DJ, Takahashi shield (UNDERCOVER), "UNDERCOVER RECORDS" appeared.

We pray for gentle time making use of our heart while staring at their afterimage of that day.

Until day to be able to meet sound again in venue.

SUPER DOMMUNE 13 moon Presents GEZAN new album "kyo (KLUE)"
Release Party "Mutant Church"

Shooting - Sachiko Saito

Edit- Mariko Araki






Are culture and art useful? Is it necessary? Is it not useless? We see discussion saying this is exchanged on the Internet flourishingly well recently. Because we are saved in this isolation life by every music and literature, movie, and they have been just saved many times so far, culture and art are helpful! Necessary! It is not useless! We feel like saying in this. But, in the first place such a question itself is sterile. Poor mind that can judge things whether it is useful does not notice even one's good-for-nothing condition. In the first place what is human being useful for? Can you drive nail if you let you freeze? Joking aside, some kind of consciousness itself to have to be useful is spellbinding, and culture and art are existence letting loose from the spellbinding.
Act to touch "priority" to act and person measuring a person's value with the "usefulness" is negation of dignity itself of the human and is not exaggeration even if we say that act to protect culture and art is act to protect dignity of the human. How long sanity is continued keeping after this; is strict for a long time; will fight. However, we are not alone at all as signature more than 300,000 showed. A herd of rhinoceroses keeps moving forward for time like public holidays and festival days of heavy soul cut in this photograph.



Naohiro Ukawa

The world is confused now. In Japan, possibility of metropolitan area blockade came out, too. May now be right important situation? This… As we Shibuya PARCO9F creative studio DOMMUNE was the media of life log-like daily publication, social conditions itself became structure reflected in tairekuto by program and performed streaming which agreed with trend of the world at the time of Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. So, in such situation, we take infection spread of new coronavirus heavily and considerably carry out delivery cancellation or important nothing audience delivery from early stage.

On January 29, floor was still full of heat, and the live concert in GEZAN put in this photograph was the time when body came in contact through sound and enjoyed freedom. We are kept in sense looking at primitive courtesy of electronic tribe which existed from these vivid photographs once when we think for new coronavirus infectious disease measures from the present when 3 dense (sealing, crowd, closeness) was forbidden. In addition, though it is scenery of PARCO9F to go to today, we feel like some far-off remote ground and are seized with strange homesickness. Would a sense of solidality that was surely born here on that day scatter now? What kind of for us now; can be joint? Now that you are ordered nest basket forest by each government and entered for the global meditation period (not straying), how can you project the world vision after post-pandemic (for short posupan)?

We feel that the positive imagination takes future.




Paralysis toe the P POE (vocal/guiter), eagle hawk (guiter), Carlos, Ozaki, Santana (bass), Ishihara loss Cal (drums)

In 2009, we form in Osaka. We preside over the voluntary label "13 moon". Documentary film in pursuit of tour in the United States which released "Silence Will Speak" in 2018, and was visited for recording of the work in June, 2019 "Tribe Called Discord Documentary of GEZAN" was released. Sponsorship festival "all senses festival" Tokyo edition holding advocating tossed coin system, foods-free in October, 2019. It was called off under the influence of typhoon direct hit, but it was carried out by holding in Shibuya at speed called 3rd by cancellation announcement, and line of person who could not enter occurred on a large scale. DVD with movie "Tribe Called Discord~documentary of GEZAN~" privilege picture is released 5th ALBUM "kyo" (KLUE) on March 18 on January 29, 2020.

GEZAN official site.


After ADS (asteroid dessert songs), activity in Class smurf man, we search the music world that is imajinari which crossed genre that is fresh every day at various places full of individuality of all over Japan, and is unique while passing through costarring and support with domestic and foreign much Aristrist DJs for DJ. Mainly on DJ mixture including activity as marsh CRU of the devil as for original, a lot of will products including remix. On the other hand, from experience that we cultivated as record CD buyer for many years, we work widely in sound and various scenes and space concerning music. We widen width of energizing at home and abroad in Berlin Atonal 2017, appearance to Meakusma Festival 2018, late years including mixed offer to European overseas radio station. We plan the release of MIXCD "Innervisions" which is newer than BLACKSMOKER RECORDS soon.

COMPUMA official site.


DJ/Composer. Mainly on techno, drum & base, base sound such as dabusuteppu, experimental na sound, DJ plays at home and abroad. EP "TX-55/Successor Projec" is released for the first of new label <Acrylic> by Amy Becker album "End Of The Death" from record label <Bokeh Versions> of Bristol in October, 2019 in August, 2018. We are in charge of picture musical piece including documentary film and Louis Vuitton of Keiichi Tanaami. In addition, we deal with music of Show of UNDERCOVER 2019A/W and compile sound source and Remix by Thom Yorke and others at the end of the same year and release "The Droogs" than <UNDERCOVER RECORDS> of 12 inches. On 20th, mixed CD "∞ ∅" is released in February, 2020 by <BLACK SMOKER RECORDS>.

Mars89 official site.


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