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DIVERSITY | Diversity to send individuality from condensed Shibuya PARCO.

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DIVERSITY | Diversity to send individuality from condensed Shibuya PARCO.

Attention item of each shop being aware of DIVERSITY is introduced by Shibuya PARCO advocating "diversity" and "GENDER reply" as one of the themes. As for special menu and the service for a limited time without passing over!

※Publication item and privilege contents have change, possibility to sell, and to be finished without notice. Please confirm official information of each brand.
Sachiko Saito
Eimi Hayashi



(the left) Grand love rainbow necklace 18K YG, sapphire tsuaboraito amethyst, each Grand love rainbow necklace 18K WG, sapphire tsuaboraito amethyst \350,000+tax
(the right) Tina rainbow ring 18K YG, sapphire tsuaboraito amethyst, each Tina rainbow ring 18K WG, sapphire tsuaboraito amethyst \92,000+tax
Each each split college ring \30,000+tax
(the left) star beads stud bolt pierced earrings \12,000+tax
(in the center) aposutorofupiasu \28,000+tax
(central bottom) Each fragment opening ring \27,000+tax

With special jewelry shining in rainbow color, we express diversity.

Special item which expressed rainbow kolor symbolizing LGBT from "AHKAH" advocating jewelry which it is easy to get close to in daily life in concept is audience. Ring of rainbow color comes up from "“ Tina which featured the theme of line of light other than necklace full of senses of fun that various colored stones were set in Love “ motif" Collection. We are fascinated by charming brightness. We cannot overlook GENDERless CAPSEL collection by collaboration with Mr. designer KOTA OKUDA living in NY.

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

(the top) pure shot night Ceram \10,500+tax refill \9,000+tax
(bottom) each pure shot L Ceram pure shot light Ceram pure shot Y Ceram \10,500+tax refill \9,000+tax

We develop service for men in order to enliven men's beauty.

Aging care line "PURE SHOTS" which draws power that plant has to the maximum, and aims at strong and early effect is usable popular series regardless of man and woman. Targeting at customers of man come to being conscious of having more men touch item of "Yves Saint Laurent Beauté" this time to shop during object period, we present sample of Ceram "in liquid cosmetics" pure shot night for night. Furthermore, we can receive pleasant service that we can take a picture of in particular in space in shop.

O by New Jewelry

<Shibuya PARCO-limited> Earrings pierced earrings \5,200+tax (in the left) crown pink/kokanfun \4,200+tax, (top right corner) cosmos/cosmos \4,200+tax
(the lower left) Haat/University 丽 kikukoreshin \4,800+tax of dahlia, (the lower right) fantastic cloud/maboroshiun \4,200+tax

Handmade jewelry of "rea" which is not tied up in common sense.

We are going to hold POP UP of "rea" in curation type shop "O by New Jewelry" to select jewelry which focused on crafts characteristics and creativity in from Friday, June 19 to Thursday, June 25. As for the single earrings of flower motif using rare silk organdy, one point of one point is handmade with jewelry. And he/she seems to patronize individuality only for oneself with atmosphere that is Artie delicately. POP UP-limited item comes up, too.

Discover Japan Lab.

(from the left) TIN BREATH 40mm Silver\5,000+tax, TIN BREATH Ring 20x80mm Silver\5,000+tax, TIN BREATH Ring 10x80mm Silver\3,000+tax (from the top) TIN BREATH 40mm Gold plate\12,000+tax, TIN BREATH 20mm Gold plate\10,000+tax, TIN BREATH 10mm Gold plate\8,000+tax, TIN BREATH Ring 20x80mm Gold plate\10,000+tax, TIN BREATH Ring 15x80mm Gold plate\8,000+tax, TIN BREATH Ring 10x80mm Gold plate\6,000+tax

Accessories which were particular about Japanese tradition techniques, and pursued the beauty.

It is for a limited time and, in shop of magazine "Discover Japan" with "charm, rediscovery of Japan" as concept, sells handmade accessories of "Nagae+" made with traditional casting technology of Takaoka, Toyama. We can adjust ring and bangle using tin of 99.99% of purity to in total favorite size on own arm and finger softly so that we are easily bent. In addition, as for the surface, Echizen Japanese paper, the back side are finished in texture of painting with watercolors paper used for a long time in Italy and can enjoy expression different each.



(in the left) Long shirt coat \ 28,000+tax
(top right corner) Waterproof polyurethane coated nylon jacket\13,000+tax
(the lower left) Waterproof polyurethane coated nylon poncho\14,000+tax
(the lower right) Typewriter long shirt \23,000+tax
(in the left) Water-repellent vintage nylon taffeta mod coat\49,000+tax
(top right corner) Typewriter pullover \18,000+tax
(the lower left) 20/10 central fleecy fabric over size sweat shirt \18,000+tax
(the lower right) M-51 type coat\49,000+tax

Neutral lineup that featured the theme of beautility.

In "g.sakayori" in pursuit of design which is basic in function material which we developed originally, unisex item of big silhouette is rich. Pullover which slit of snap button was given in both sides adopts cloth which is hard to do washing break. Tailored collar jacket is washable in house, too. Light one piece that becomes sleeveless if we take off snap button of sleeve. Waterproof blouson and poncho, water repellency and Mods coat superior in quick-drying are useful in outdoor.

Greed International Tokyo Store (GEYSERPARCO)

Each each Lace Up Sandals \28,000+tax Remake Bag \8,000+tax
Each Remake Pouch Small \1,800+tax

Lace-up shoes of new color that we want to wear at any age.

"Greed International Tokyo Store" which presents brand which designer Ayumi Yamada deals with. Lace-up mules which are full of color are picked up by "Bed & Breakfast" suggesting arrival at daily life that was particular about comfort. Existing four colors increase dramatic red only in shop. It is taken to refined suede material water-repellent finishing and is good to daily use. We wear in sole with cushion characteristics, and feeling is outstanding, too.


Each photoprint T-shirt \13,000+tax

Artistic photoT-shirt that even one piece looks good.

"FEMMENT" which changed the name from "M/M ATTACHMENT" than Collection in the summer in the spring of 2020, and made its debut. Photoprint T-shirt type 2 that is unisex than men's brand "Kazuyuki Kumagai" which designer, Kazuyuki Kumagai of "ATTACHMENT" deal with is sold at store. Artistic photograph photographed in Paris is sense up by wearing. It is summer must-have item which exerts presence while being familiar with any style regardless of sex. Normal fitting and development at 2 size of loose fit.



Each each each shunga T-shirt \12,000+tax shunga beach sandals \8,900+tax (the left) kimono gown \ 48,000+tax
(the right) each flower frame gown \ 42,000+tax

We enjoy "kimono" freely without being seized with sex.

In "KIIRO" suggesting "kimono" which is mode utilized pattern of clothes, we develop kimono gown to be able to put on for outer sense. Classic print with impact grants free wearing regardless of sex. In addition, unisex item with shunga attracting attention worldwide as motif comes up. Foil print is made on T-shirt which bold ukiyoe print was drawn, and texture changes so as to wear. Panel-shaped beach sandals are like one piece of picture and are fun even if they display.


Zombie cat T-shirt \9,000+tax

Limited kolor comes up to impact T-shirt losing eyes.

It is unisex and, from "FURFUR" of women brand, features worn humorous cat print T-shirt. In addition to existing beige and charcoal gray, bright pink joins as limited kolor. One piece that logo of "zombie cat" harking back to horror film lets punch work. We are combined with vivid kolor and are sure that we attract eyes. As it is silhouette which is oversize, woman dresses well in men's like.


(in the left) Each ADOLPHE LAFONT work jacket \16,000+tax
(top right corner) Each STANDARD SUPPLY pakkaburushorudabaggupawarippu \7,000+tax
(the lower left) Each STANDARD SUPPLY PAL WALLET \11,000+tax
(the lower right) Each LIP MACH2000 \30,000+tax

Various assortment of goods which are not confined only to stationery is attractive.

In flagship shop of stationery maker "DELFONICS", it keeps item which is gender-free abundantly. Special dish that FAN suiyodari is rare as for the work jacket of French long-established store "ADOLPHE LAFONT." Types are different and can wear design of pocket for each model including fastener and flap freely across fence of work wear, too. Rare item that shoulder bag of "STANDARD SUPPLY" has little handling of true store. We adopt material used by marine sports and have both lightness and the durability. "Mach number 2000" of French clock maker "lip Corporation" proud of mini-wallet of the brand using Nappa leather made in Italy and deep-rooted popularity is check required.


(in the left) Each heavy duty cotton socks \1,600+tax
(top right corner) Each SC20-014 \2,400+tax
(the lower left) Each SC20-009 \2,400+tax
(the lower right) Each SC20-019 \2,400+tax

By GENDERless legware in step individuality.

"MARCOMONDE" which corrupts design which caught inspiration from every season, trip for legware. It keeps unisex item of aestheometry that "Japan" obtained idea in print of kimono of the Edo era for this season of theme. From "New Classic" of standard line, we feature rib socks of moderate thickness. A feeling of length and color variations that thought about affinity with all-stars of Converse must see sneakers rubber. Let's enjoy step styling like oneself.


(in the left) (from the left depths) checkered flower short Thailand \ 12,000+tax, each pearl embroidery short Thai \18,000+tax
(top right corner) Each mall ribbon bow tie \8,000+tax
(the lower left) Each velour butterfly Thai \12,000+tax
(the lower right) Each assortment short Thai ribbon \9,500+tax

Tie of accessories sense that woman is taken in casually.

From "giraffe" of brand specialized in tie, woman picks up tie which we can wear, too. Including heteromorphic bow tie reflecting the image of mall of stationery, we have abundant bow tie of velour and gorgeous items including decorative short Thailand. Cute clip bow tie made with odds and ends of cloth for tie is recommended. It is possible for various how to use to put to bag as there is pin of crocodile mouth behind as well as neck. For accessories sense, we want to take in casually.


Squeeze up, and hold + slit length of shirt; \4,000+tax ..., width of a kimono final stage + back tuck enter \5,000+tax ..., cloth sewing in \3,000+tax ... (possible road, cloth carry-on according to cloth charges) according to side of T-shirt

Fashion of oneself specifications to be able to enjoy regardless of sex or age, figure.

In "Re⇆STOCK" performing repair and customs such as clothes or shoes, we suggest reform of established clothes. For example, in the case of men's shirt, we increase tuck of back and we make and can turn into the big silhouette which by shortening length, and putting slit, was correct to body of woman. In addition, favorite T-shirt which was not worn by figure changes sews the other cloth into both sides and is reborn by opening width of a kimono. We can enjoy new expression by different fabrics mixture if we choose cloth for shirt as the other cloth.


Manhattan Portage

(from the left) Double Typeset Casual Messenger Bag JR\10,200+tax, Double Typeset Alleycat Waist Bag\7,800+tax, DoubleTypeset Washington SQ Backpack\18,800+tax (from the left) Reflection Century Waist Bag\13,000+tax, Reflection Alleycat Waist Bag \ 8,000+tax, Reflection Jogger Bag\7,000+tax

We release new work bag snuggling up to various lifestyles.

"Manhattan Portage" which presents apparel and hat including bag corresponding to a great variety of lifestyles since we were born with New York in 1983. Up-and-coming new work in the spring and summer is now on sale at store. We add "Double Typeset" which adopted extreme expensive kodura ®︎ nylon series to the superior durability and functionality, and typography of tape part attaches modern accent. "Reflection" series that had utility and safety is must-see. Not only we raise visibility, but also reflection tape seems to play an active part as accent color of styling.


(in the left) Each 2WAY gown dress \7,700+tax
(top right corner) Each back V-neck salopette \8,300+tax
(the lower left) Each apron neck dress \7,300+tax

We suggest layered style that let you mix men's item.

Bucks tile of gown dress worn in anteroposterior reversible as new work of season and deep V develops impressive salopette in the spring and summer. Both give cool impression in silhouette which is relaxing of hemp blend material. Dress of the apron neck that deeper slit was treated by side comes up. At store, we suggest styling that layered had of men's T-shirt of "URBAN RESEARCH iD" to these attention items. Item letting you feel music and street culture including skater is going to hit the shelves. We want to try wearing that is GENDER mixture by all means.


Each each comma tea \5,800+tax Iloilo typewriter \16,000+tax

Lineup that is full of colors to remind of rainbow kolor.

We play, and T-shirt "comma tea" of comma motif which is Aiko Nic is new work, and thoughtful GENDERless fashion comes up from popular "mercibeaucoup,". In the big silhouette worn without distinction of man and woman, there is type 2 of box type and asymmetric type. Color variations are all ten colors. It is colorful lineup to remind of rainbow. In addition, unisex pants of cloth for typewriter unfold. Breathability is good at light weight and is recommended to outdoor.



In closeness more in LGBTQ. Popular mixture bar from Shinjuku 2.

Speaking of place that can sense diversity bodily most in Shibuya PARCO "Campy!bar." We go on a business trip to B1F, and mixture bar of Shinjuku 2 that Mr. burubonnu of woman's disguise performer produces opens. Share store with pure cafe "hamanoya parlor", for "Campy!bar" business * from 7:00 p.m. Including doraagukuin of specialty of main store, the staff who is rainbow full of individuality invites every day. As it is accounting system by one cup, we want you to drop in casually. *We check official SNS for business hours



It is humorous and recommends sefasekkusu happily.

Condom of rainbow print package being aware of diversity comes up than "Condomania" recommending sefasekkusu. It is easy to pick up illustration which original characters were drawn in catchy. Though they reduce risk of sexually transmitted disease, HIV infection of LGBT including finger case to be hard to dry, and not to injure mucous membrane by lotion and nail of sustained expensive silicon base, other than the condom, effective goods are prepared.


Each six kinds of shake \1,000+tax

Shake reflecting the image of rainbow kolor assembles in full force.

Limited flavor that imaged rainbow kolor joins popular shake as drawing card menu of "ON THE CORNER". Pleasant six kinds (red raspberry, black chocolate, yellow mango, green mint, sky blue, purple blueberry) are presented for a limited number by eyes. One cup that is nice in coming season when heat adds to refreshing sweetness to be able to chug. As takeout is made, we want to drop in at way back of shopping.



Rain blow snack \545+tax

Vee cancer menu corresponding to diversity of meal.

Vee cancer hood which comes into the limelight from not only diversification but also viewpoint of sustainability of food. In "FALAFEL BROTHERS" dealing with Middle Eastern dishes, special version of faraferu which did beans which we ground into a croquette form is appearance. Being conscious of diversity, it is topping with three kinds of colorful sauce. We are glad that it is healthy although eating with sauce using sesame paste, and meeting, and being outstanding. In addition, sweets that gilt of dairy product and gluten nonuse is free are recommended.

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