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[GUCCI] GG mamonto which was colored by fresh pastel color

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[GUCCI] GG mamonto which was colored by fresh pastel color

Popular line which GG mamonto got inspiration from belt buckle which GUCCI used in the 70s, and was designed. It is charm that double G which is one of the most characteristic symbols which are identified as GUCCI at first sight is easy to take in shoulder bag decorating the front desk for coordinates for soft quilting leather and feeling of convenient size.

Takayuki Haneta
Genta Inoue
NEU inc

GG mamontoshorudabaggu

We improve various styles, and pink that is trendy pastel color in this season will date regardless of the scene while being elegant.

140,000+ yen tax

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Shibuya PARCO 1F
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Women/men/leather goods/jewelry
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Instagram: @gucci
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