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SUMIRE & HIMI SATO X LOEWE | GENDERless style to link in brothers.

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SUMIRE & HIMI SATO X LOEWE | GENDERless style to link in brothers.

It is Himi Sato of Aristrist in SUMIRE and actors of model in actresses. Two people brought up play an active part in environment touched in movie and music deeply from the childhood period as depicter together. Brother attracting attention from various quarters acts in the same play in new work which is cross GENDER of "LOEWE" in Shibuya PARCO. There were two people who brought on slightly enigmatic atmosphere in pulchritude, but we exchanged chat during shooting with a laugh from beginning to end and peeped state of happy family.

Sayo Nagase
Nami Matsunagara
Eimi Hayashi

Shopping that is comfortable in space surrounded for modern craft

"LOEWE" which is located on the first floor of Shibuya PARCO. In opening-like shop, men's women; is prepared in full-line nap together, and craft works which Jonathan Anderson of creative director chose are studded with in everywhere. Above all, art object such as spiral pillar is like sculpture, and it is worth seeing. It is space that is comfortable while being luxury such as home of art collector. It is said that both SUMIRE and Himi are highly concerned with interior under the influence of the parents' house. There were two people who relaxed in sofa while looking at the shop.

Popular items assemble in full force regardless of man and woman.
Bag and leather accessory are fulfilling, too

Sweat shirt and T-shirt that logogriph logo of brand is impressive in having caught eye of two where we tell that it is saying "LOEWE has such a casual wear". We attract both regardless of man and woman in unisex item. Furthermore, assortment of goods that bag and leather accessory full of a feeling of craft are enriched in Shibuya PARCO shop and are fun to eyes. As for "pasonarizeshon charm" putting the dice charm that the alphabet and symbol were chopped together in oneself preference, must-see.

(the left) each logogriph sweat shirt \68,000+tax (the lower left) <SUMIRE> hammock Small bag \261,000+tax, stud bolt flower \19,000+tax

"Eye/LOEWE/Nature" to tie city and Nature to Collection.
In the space exclusive in shop

In "corner in shop, items of men's line "Eye/LOEWE/Nature" which we focused on outdoor gather. It is characteristic that we add this Collection that "Eye" which creative Duo, M/M Paris dealt with logo gets a lot of looks to bright color and modern design, and have utility. All the high-performance bags are made in Japan. Himi chooses print T-shirt of picture in watercolors paysage and wears. Scenery described in image to send postcard from travel destination of Namibia increases admiration to unseen land.
※In this space, we are developing Collection "Loewe x Paula' s Ibiza" (LOEWE X paurazuibiza) now in special summer.

(the lower right) <SUMIRE> Eye/LOEWE/Nature cap \33,000+tax

Pair look across the fence of man and woman showing with jeans which are Aiko Nic

Two people who call each other "Sioux" "Himi" each other as for the interval of shooting together own; took, and did, and was heartwarming, and the figure seemed to consider close friend to joke rather than brother. Finally, two people show pair look amicably. Fisherman jeans of point are items almost icon of brand roll-up. We attached accent that was mode to rough wearing of T-shirt & denim with good-quality leather accessory which Esprit of brand dwelled in.

<SUMIRE> Logogriph T-shirt 44,000 yen, pail hat 67,000 yen, fisherman jeans 90,000 yen, loafers 92,000 yen, gate pocket 89,000 yen, charm [tassel] 14,000 yen that we added to bag, (S) 10,000 yen (all +tax)
<the scarlet beauty> Eye/LOEWE/Nature T-shirt 44,000 yen, fisherman hat 67,000 yen, fisherman jeans 90,000 yen, sneakers 76,000 yen, elephant cover 60,000 yen (all +tax)

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SUMIRE & HIMI SATO X Pokémon Center SHIBUYA /iki/M.I.U. Nº2 | We cross culture and bring about new sense of values.

Shop name
Shibuya PARCO 1F
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Women/men/leather goods/jewelry
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Instagram: @loewe
Twitter: @LoeweOfficial
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It was born in 1995. We attract attention by having appeared on MV of Chara in 2013 and select as contracted model of magazine "soen" from the next year. We play the part of heroine with movie "Thalaba quietness" in 2018 while we are active in magazine or CM as fashion model widely and start carrier as actress. We are appearing on CM of Kanebo COSMETICS "ALLIE".
Instagram (@smilehalgryn)

Himi Sato

It was born in 1999. If "we throw away book and will leave stage to town" in 2018, we play the leading part and make our debut as actor. Furthermore, we make use of talent of music and start label "ASILIS" more creative than January, 2020. It is belonging to "HIMI" and releases first EP "STEM" in the same month. It is multi-and is playing an active part as artist.
Instagram (@himimojo)


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