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SUMIRE & HIMI SATO X Pokémon Center SHIBUYA /iki/M.I.U. Nº2 | We cross culture and bring about new sense of values.

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SUMIRE & HIMI SATO X Pokémon Center SHIBUYA /iki/M.I.U. Nº2 | We cross culture and bring about new sense of values.

It is the scarlet beauty of musician in SUMIRE and actors of model in actresses. It is brother playing an active part in gorgeous front stage together, but, in fact, game likes two all together. It is said that we enjoy online play in the private life in Nintendo Switch. Place to carry through style that is preference of fashion and forthright natural posture not only hobby is common. A feeling of air forms a line very pleasantly and just stands, and good point of relation reaches. That two people with many common denominators were attracted in attention shop of Shibuya PARCO?

Sayo Nagase
Nami Matsunagara
Eimi Hayashi

The highest town, space direction only by Shibuya. As for the device utilized technology

At first, to the sixth-floor "Pokémon Center SHIBUYA." At entrance, huge myutsu sleeping in glass tube is met. Figure which moves to totally live is force that seems to jump out at any moment. Space that the shop based on black is stylish, and is neo-futuristic. Gap where colorful Pokemon goods are displayed there at crowdedly is also interesting. Two people enjoyed selfie amicably at photospot.

We can thoroughly enjoy graphic art of Pokemon
Skateboarding deck is selling on a qualified scale

We cannot miss rare goods which are available "only in Pokémon Center SHIBUYA". One article appropriate for street of Shibuya pulling youth culture in the skateboarding deck where graffiti Aristrist on behalf of Japan, collaboration art with Mr. Number-D (@numberd) were drawn on. Himi who always skateboarded was interesting. Cool design that graffiti fused with Pokemon characters is sold with a limitation of all four kinds, amount.

<Pokémon Center SHIBUYA-limited> Each skateboarding deck [Pikachu/myutsu/rizadon] \12,000+tax
※This product becomes sale only for deck. As there are not wheel and truck, other attachment, please be careful.

Rare goods of FAN suiyodari where heart is excited assemble in full force

Stuffed toy which adopted graphic art by Mr. Number-D is must-see. Being able to meet Pikachu of the clothing that is street only as for the Pokémon Center SHIBUYA. On earth print is delicately different, and logo of characters is treated here and there, and what we find is fun. Type added to bag by the same design is unfolding. In addition, as for the luxury figure skating that Swarovski ®, crystal was arranged for the entire surface. It is item which does not collect in FAN.

<Pokémon Center SHIBUYA-limited> Pokémon Center SHIBUYA Graffiti Art Pikachu graffiti repeating pattern \1,800+tax <Pokémon Center SHIBUYA-limited> Pikachu CRYSTAL STONE figure skating \300,000+tax including sewing

As for the limited collaboration goods with nation's first Nintendo official shop "Nintendo TOKYO"

It is collaboration goods corner with the nation's first shop "Nintendo TOKYO" of Nintendo in the floor that two people of game enthusiast swelled. Apparel or miscellaneous goods are lineups by play thoughtful design about stage of Pokemon in Super Mario of 8 bits widely. We were looking for characters with two people absorbedly. In Nintendo TOKYO, we develop reverse version about the world of Super Mario in Pokemon. As it is precious item of both shops-limited, we put together and want to check.

(the left) <Pokémon Center SHIBUYA-limited> PC, tablet case 8 BIT SCRAMBLE Pokémon Center SHIBUYA\2,600+tax
(the right) <Pokémon Center SHIBUYA-limited> die cut cushion 8 BIT SCRAMBLE Pokémon Center SHIBUYA supermarket mushrooms \3,000+tax
Shop name
Pokémon Center SHIBUYA
Shibuya PARCO 6F
The handling item
Fancy goods
Phone number
Official site
Official SNS
Instagram: @pokemon_jpn
Twitter: @Pokemon_cojp
LINE: @pokemon
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