| which began SHIBUYA PARCO mail order PARCO ONLINE STORE

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| which began SHIBUYA PARCO mail order PARCO ONLINE STORE

Brand gathering in Shibuya PARCO is OPEN one after another in official online store PARCO ONLINE STORE. When we checked new work of favorite brand while being at home and online could purchase work of worried creator and goods of private exhibition, we came to be able to enjoy "Shibuya PARCO" closer.

※It becomes branch only for some brands. Publication product has change, possibility to be sold out without notice.
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It is 1,000 yen OFF by purchase 5,000 yen tax-included in PARCO ONLINE STORE or more! It is open until Tuesday, June 30. The details, please identify this.


[COMINGSOON] Online flea market of meal creator

Held in online flea market that creators playing an active part in restaurant and catering service, the field of "meal" including foods brand participate, and sells meal-related goods and foods, private properties habitual use products such as general store books, future meal ticket. In addition, in special site, we introduce participation creator.
(the lower left) NUTS BUTTER of "DADA NUTS BUTTER" making nut-butter from roast of nuts by hand in Tosayamadacho, Kochi.
(the lower right) It is cola mix with one of ancestor nature craft cola "cola" made by spice including kola nut and nutmeg of the world and citruses of the sum herb, domestic production.

With <cola> It is bare \1,343+tax of cola with this

▶The ︎ purchase from this



Apparel brand "CLUB SAKENOMITAI" for liking to drink by liking to drink and sake brand "I emergency" are collaboration. Unbearable original goods are prepared to small sake cup set and measure, excessive drinking attention T-shirt, heavy drinker including liquor sumo apron. In addition, while we release "playlist to want to hear while drinking sake" by MC liberal a.k.a. Toshiki Iwama (from SANABAGUN.) with connection in I emergency in special site. Of house drink please together.

Two one excessive drinking you sake bottle/small sake cups set \4,000+tax, excessive drinking you measure \727+tax
Excessive drinking attention T-SHIRTS\6,000+tax
Liquor sumo APRON\5,000+tax

▶The ︎ purchase from this


[Discover Japan Lab.] Soil comfort rice hotpot

Pottery "soil comfort kiln" of Iga roast lasting seven generations in village of Iga, Mie. Because craftsman makes up hand bineride by one point, as for the earthenware pot made as "container" to eat, skewness and roast color changes one by one. Universal design which just adjusts to dining table. Special dish to be able to enjoy plump completion of the cooking to cook equally slowly and carefully.

Soil comfort rice hotpot [2 go] \8,000+tax, [3 go] \10,000+tax ※Photograph is thing of [3 go]

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[living with a feeling of H.P.DECO art] LIVIA CETTI paper flower /CORAL&TUSK cushion cover

(the top) LIVIA CETTI paper flower. Work by Aristrist Livy a chieti from United States California. Expression itself of flower that paper flower which by one of them builds up in beautiful tissue paper and crepe paper is beautiful in detail. We offer flower bouquet which we put in the flower base and want to give glory to.
(bottom) CORAL&TUSK cushion cover. Embroidery brand "CORAL&TUSK" characterized by design with story characteristics and handmade texture. Inspiration that we got is loaded Collection with by beauty of designer's experience such as magic that Stephanie Howes Lee came across in travel destination of all parts of the world and individual animals and nature.

LIVIA CETTI paper flower various \7,600+tax ..., flower bouquet various \35,500+tax
CORAL&TUSK cushion cover [Cats] \15,500+tax, [Bear apothecary tent] \16,500+tax

▶The ︎ purchase from this
LIVIA CETTI paper flower
CORAL&TUSK cushion cover





Levi's® ofusharukasutamaizeshonjinzu which embroidered work of Hajime Sorayama on Levi's®501® of used clothing made in the United States. We further dismantled that, and A-CRAFT finished to handmade Dharma. Thing a piece of because of remake item using Levi's®501® of used clothing made in the United States all. Limited number of order sale. In addition, case for exclusive use of Air Pods PRO which printed work of Sorayama is now on sale.
※For limited number of items, there is possibility sold out. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

SORAYAMA X 2G "ReArt" DENIM\100,000+tax
Each SORAYAMA X 2G "ReArt" DENIM DARUMA by A-CRAFT (A)/(B) \150,000+tax
※Limited number of order sale. Deadline: About three months are planned by order.
Each SORAYAMA Air Pods PRO case Hajime Sorayama \2,000+tax

▶The ︎ purchase from this

[OIL by art pocket notebook] Handmade candle others, creator work

(the top) "OLGA-goosecandle-" handmade candle. Brand by Risa Hiratsuka who started during Tama Art University molding department being on the register roll more. THIEF CATS- thief cat -/deception works, and special message is loaded by one point with.
(the lower left) Rei Imai << KOARA >> poster. While paint of painter, Rei Imai does not dry, is finished; "described already", and, by toiu technique and high-definition scan, put print which was faithful to the real thing. A part of the sales is donated for wild animal and natural environments damaged by forest fire of Australia.
(the lower right) Shoulder bag of thallaskin Bonn cars mandarin orange network. Design which lives in the south end of Izu Peninsula, and work of design unit working on production is made from neighboring nature and extremely ordinary material, and did respect to living and tool in the land is characteristic. Bright bag using mandarin orange network and back-carrier string is one.

Rei Imai << KOARA >> poster \3,500+tax
Shoulder bag \15,000+tax of thallaskin Bonn cars - mandarin orange network

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