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It is genreless and sends POPUP and event of Shibuya PARCO, the seasonal information including the release planned limited product. For reference of outing and shopping of the weekend, we check the latest information of favorite shop from here!


Handbag line "GG mamonto" of 1F GUCCI <new product> popularity new work pastel color

[GG mamonto] line characterized by double G hardware symbolizing GUCCI.
As for this hardware which interpreted design of belt buckle created in the 1970s in contemporary again, it is one of the motifs representing GUCCI now.
We bring on expression that material of soft quilting leather is elegant, and is individual, and hardware of three-dimensional double G arranged for the front attaches accent that is contemporary.

1F LOEWE <new product> paurazuibiza 2020

Collection by collaboration with legendary boutique "paurazu" of Spain ibiza Island which won popularity of cult in the 70s.
Using a variety of natural material is bright, and, to Collection by color full of vitality, request for to the future of craftsmen breathes.

1F DIOR BEAUTY SHIBUYA <limited number of products> summer Collection 2020 kolor games

By shade which is seen attractively when it bathes in high efficiency prescription, texture that skin does not have burden and the sun, we change rule and image of past natural helmet sea make. We grant asurechikkufemininiti which overflowed in sense of fun.

1F Yves Saint Laurent Beauté <limited product> pure shot night Ceram starter kit

Around night Ceram, overwork skin care is possible in full-line, to skin which is unexperienced in only a night. Starter kit which can test half size + pure shot of new perfect gem in full-line in history around liquid cosmetics "pure shot night Ceram"

1F AHKAH <new product> 2020 Spring & Summer Collection "twilight moon"

It is jewelry appropriate for arrival of refreshed early summer when we treated colorful yellow sapphire and pink tourmaline, diamond.

Product which enjoys living <new product> with a feeling of 1F H.P.DECO art house comfortably happily

The left: Ceramic art brand which gave design full of technique and wit with high handcraft sent to from Kuhn Keramik (kunkeramikku) Germany Berlin.
asutie de viratto and collaboration item "COLLECTION BANSHAKU" of H.P.France are born. As shown by the name, white earthenware which featured the theme of evening drink of Japan expressed Japanese old manners and customs in modern taste newly again.

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