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  • Various Shibuya PARCO which "is delicious", but gathers. Selected takeout menus assemble in full force!

Various Shibuya PARCO which "is delicious", but gathers. Selected takeout menus assemble in full force!

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Various Shibuya PARCO which "is delicious", but gathers. Selected takeout menus assemble in full force!

We list up-and-coming takeout menus which we can purchase in various restaurants in Shibuya PARCO. We are distributing 200 yen discount coupon which is usable in each restaurant when we do shopping in hall. When, for the shopping end, we take taste of popular shop home?

※All the notation is the prices exclusive of tax. Consumption tax rate varies according to takeout, eating and drinking in shop.
※Business hours, please usually confirm than kara following URL for the time being.


Eimi Hayashi



[the bar truth Hill] Texture same as meat! Deep-fried Vee cancer meat & gyoza lunch

"The bar truth Hill" which "indeed" provides bar dishes only in vegetable food under the theme of "beautiful house out of one of town." Of deep-fried chicken and gyoza which are eaten as for Vee cancer in peace take lunch, and sell for returns. We use soybean meat for specialty deep-fried chicken. When texture of chicken is reproduced wonderfully, it is reputation. Sauce is available from five kinds including grated radish and Chinese black vinegar. Similarly gyoza using soybean meat and plentiful vegetables is popular. Choose "mixed lunch" if you want to eat both.

(the top) deep-fried chicken lunch 900 yen
(the lower left) Mixed lunch 1,000 yen
(the lower right) Gyoza lunch 800 yen

[udon golden-ringed dragonfly] It is fast food sense with authentic Sanuki-udon. As for one article of Shibuya PARCO-limited.

Line shop "udon golden-ringed dragonfly" from Gotanda providing real Sanuki-udon at speedy and reasonable price. Take-out of all menus is possible in Shibuya PARCO shop. We purchase ticket with ticket vendor in shop and convey the effect of take-out when we hand to staff. As for hearty "we take sky tubular fish meat sky soy sauce udon", taste of noodles is signboard menu to be able to enjoy directly. Taste "Shibuya PARCO shop-limited curry udon" which added Kakuni and fox, onion to mulligatawny soup which worked of stock by all means.

Take; sky tubular fish meat sky soy sauce udon 481 yen
<Shibuya PARCO-limited> Curry udon 909 yen
※All menu takeout possibilities.

[ON THE CORNER Shibuya] American casual foods to be able to enjoy by picnic feeling.

Noted product cafe "ON THE CORNER Shibuya" on behalf of Shibuya. American to go menu including pork steak that we eat and meet, and outstanding sandwich and garlic oil and flavor of rosemary stimulate appetite using original kolor VANS is prepared. We want to taste picnic feeling with outdoor lunch to paper bag one hand on fine day. For 300 yen positive as for the lunchtime until from 11:00 to 15:00 to drink set. Taste to like from all 18 kinds of flavor for positive 200 yen can customize vanilla shake of drawing card menu.

Vanilla shake 800 yen ※It is customizable for positive 200 yen.
BLTA sandwich 950 yen
Pork steak 1,100 yen
<others> Chicken over rice 1,000 yen, vegetable sandwich 1,000 yen of Miura vegetables, Vietnam banh mi 1,100 yen

[CARNICERIA] Reasonable lunch menu which can thoroughly enjoy specialty Japanese black beef.

Meat dishes which are full of variations and liquor are reasonable and, in bal "CARNICERIA" of Spanish Italian style to be able to enjoy, prepare for lunch and takeout menu of dinner each. With lunch, home brew roast beef bowl featuring the softness of specially made beef sinew curry and meat which we used line meat of Japanese black beef for abundantly is appearance. In dinnertime, various meat dishes or pasta are prepared including Japanese black beef. Prior telephone reservation is recommended to this.

Butcher shop specialite de la maison! Beef sinew curry 800 yen
Home brew! Japanese black beef roast beef 950 yen

[kanmi okame] Assortment of goods which is abundant from sweetness to meal menu led by specialty ohagi.

In well-established "kanmi okame", not only standard anmitsu and zenzai but also meal menu is abundant. And takeout can make almost all menus into. Specialty ohagi of size like fist is four kinds of tsubuan, sesame, soybean flour, brown rice. We can purchase from one each and are useful to present. Ohagi and various "kanshimbento" (the lower right) are exquisite to Shibuya PARCO shop where rice boiled in tea with salt which we cooked with oden with barbecued pork with stock was bundled-limited "pork rice boiled in tea with salt" (the lower left) and oden, too.

(in the left) Ohagi one 300 yen (tax-included)
(top right corner) Anmitsu various 790 yen ...
(the lower left) Pork rice boiled in tea with salt 1,080 yen
(the lower right) kanshimbento 1,030 yen

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